Friday, November 21, 2014

What to get HER for Christmas 2014

Here we are, only a little more than a month away from Christmas! Seriously, where did this year go!? This week I've really been getting into the Christmas spirit as I was pinning away some Christmas decor ideas on Pinterest. That also reminded me that I haven't even handed out my Christmas wish list to The Husband and my family yet... Just kidding, I don't do that... not every year... 

At first I thought, "nah, I don't need anything", but let's be real, it's nice to get something nice for Christmas. I decided to make a list anyway of things that would be awesome to get *winking feverishly in The Husband's direction* and I also added some items that I personally own and would definitely recommend as gift for a special female in your life.

FRENDS Layla Headphones $150

Get these at Net-A-Porter

I'm not a huge fan of the headphones you get when purchasing an Apple product like the iPhone or iPod, and I'm totally in the market for some new headphones. Of course I'm lusting after these because, you know, they are rose gold.

RIFLE PAPER CO. 2015 Travel The World Calendar $26

Buy it at Rifle Paper Co.

I'm obsessed with this beautiful calendar, and I might just get it for myself for Christmas. (You can check out the full calendar on their website). I think most people would appreciate this as a gift.

OLYMPUS PEN e-PL7 camera $599

Find this camera here.

Dear Santa, I've been SO good this year... Pretty please!?

DIPTYQUE Do Son Eau de Parfum $140

Get this perfume at Nordstrom

Perfume is one of those go-to Christmas prezzies for women, and for good reason. Who doesn't like some smell-good from Santa? There are many I could recommend, but this is one I own and would buy in a heartbeat for someone else. 

DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield watch $199

Buy this watch at Daniel Wellington

This watch is a timeless classic and I wear mine almost every day. It's light-weight, simple and classy. I know most ladies would be thrilled to receive it.

ACNE STUDIOS Canada scarf $175

Get it at NET-A-PORTER

This is my favorite scarf; so soft and big and perfect for winter! Of course, you don't need to spend this much, just make sure you get one that's soft and made of high quality materials.

HUNTER rain boots $135

Get them at Shopbop

Damn, I love these boots! I have a tall and a short pair, and wear them all the time during the cold and rainy months. They come in so many colors, and if you are buying it for someone else, I'd recommend staying with the neutrals just to be safe.

CLARISONIC Mia cleansing system $99

Find it at NORDSTROM

I can't say enough good things about these cleansing systems. It really is worth the price tag and the hype. I use mine every day with a gentle face wash, and it makes my skin so clean and smooth. There are many different ones to choose from, with different functions and speeds and gimmicks, but I've been using the classic Mia for a long time and it's really all you need to have a squeaky clean face.

JO MALONE candle $80

Buy this candle at NORDSTROM

Christmas time and candles go hand in hand as far as I'm concerned, and you really can't go wrong with a beautifully scented candle from Jo Malone. Yes, they are quite pricey, but they last for a really long time and their scent payoff is way better than a lot of other candles. Plus, the packaging is just gorgeous!

LUSH The Olive Branch shower gel $9.95

Get this shower gel at LUSH

Whenever I smell this shower gel, I always think of Christmas time. The Husband and I love this shower gel for this time of the year, and I promise you that you wouldn't think twice about getting it if you were to sniff it in the store.

That's it, folks. I recommend getting one very special item instead of buying lots of little random things. (Of course, you don't have to buy anything from this list, it's just for fun and to give those of you who need help some ideas.) Also, it doesn't hurt to ask your loved ones if there is anything specific that they really really want for Christmas; it will make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier and everyone will be happy.

*** I will be announcing my Christmas giveaway next week, so stay tuned!***

I wish all of you a very merry holiday season!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedding Hair Woes

I was one of those people that used to think "no way!" if someone mentioned hair extensions. First of all, I'm not Paris Hilton, and second of all, I'm all about making it work with what I have. BUT, no matter what I did, my hair wasn't going to grow faster and be the perfect length I wanted it to be on my wedding day. I know what you're thinking... First world problems! Yep, pretty much.

When I tried on my beautiful sweetheart neckline wedding dress, I realized that my hair hit the neckline just above the dress. It just didn't look right, it needed to be at least five inches longer to "break" the neckline. I wanted to wear my hair down; taking it up just wasn't an option. My hair had to grow and it had to grow fast.

But of course, it didn't grow fast enough, as by that time I only had about three months to go until the big day. And that's when I started looking into the wonderful world of hair extensions. I ended up getting blonde human hair clip-in extensions that blended beautifully with my natural hair.

It wasn't as weird as I thought it would be, and I loved the extra length (which ended up looking perfect with my dress!) and the body it gave my hair. I'd definitely recommend getting clip-in extensions if you want longer hair for a special event. It's totally worth it! 

Check out WIGSBUY for a huge selection of hair extensions!
Remy Human Clip in Hair Extensions on WIGSBUY

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 Years Without Braces

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I realized that today is my 2-year-braces-free anniversary; Happy No Braces to me! *smiling broadly and flashing my pearly whites*. I still feel the need to celebrate this for some reason, and I think previous braces-wearers would understand.

If you didn't follow my 14-month In-Ovation C braces treatment, you can catch up on that here. I also shared my 1-year-braces-free experiences last year over here. I thought I'd also share with you what life has been like two years braces-less.

I still wear my clear retainers almost every night, although I do probably skip about two nights out of the week when I really just don't feel like wearing them. I even went two weeks without wearing them at all over the summer, but really paid the price when I started wearing them again; it was so painful. It's insane how fast your teeth can move again! I definitely learned my lesson.

My permanent retainers (the wires behind my upper and lower front teeth) had to be re-glued recently because the bottom one came loose after eating a cookie, and the top one just popped loose randomly. I guess it was only a matter of time before that happened. I'm actually quite surprised that I went almost two years without them becoming a little loose, what with all the things I stuff my face with.

Many people ask me how I whiten my teeth. To be honest, I think they are this white because after my braces came off, the orthodontist filed the surfaces to clean off the pieces of glue on it, and it probably removed a layer of enamel or something and exposed a fresh white layer... (don't quote me on this one, though!). Also, I've tried the CREST White Strips once. They definitely worked, but it was very uncomfortable and my teeth were very sensitive throughout the treatment course. I also use a whitening toothpaste most of the time.

I had to get a second wisdom tooth removed this year. (I also had one removed last year.) It didn't bother me when it was coming out, but I was nervous about it moving my other teeth, so I just asked the dentist to pull that baby right out. Luckily, this extraction was also easy and painless, and, again, I didn't need any stitches.

I guess I'm closing my "Braces Experience" chapter with this post, as I probably won't do an update again. Really, the only other teeth related experience I can write about is if the other wisdom teeth gets extracted (no sign of them though...), or if the permanent retainers came loose again. (And that will most probably happen...)

If you have any questions about my adult braces treatment, send me an email or ask away in the comments section, I'm happy to share my experiences.

Now let me go celebrate my 2-year-braces-free anniversary with a big bag of extra crunchy honey roasted cashew nuts! Bye!


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