Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm Thankful...

1. ... for delicious, sweet summer fruit.

2. ... for inspirational people in my life.

3. ... for that perfect, refreshing shower after a workout.

4. ... for humor and laughter.

5. ... that I'll be able to spend time with the fam in Dubai next week.

Happy Thursday! What do you feel thankful for today?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top Style Tips for Visiting a Casino

Between live poker on television and Hollywood movies featuring scenes set in casinos, some people have gotten a false impression of how you should dress to go gambling. If you hit a casino dressed in the rumpled clothes seen when people are playing live televised poker, you will be lucky to make it inside thanks to the dress code. However, should you turn up the ultra-glamorous gowns and makeup worn by Hollywood sirens in casino movies, you will feel ludicrously over-dressed. 

The conundrum is easily complicated by the fact that many people play online roulette and need not worry about their dress. So what should you wear? Well if the intention is to actually spend most of your time playing the different casino games, following the smart casual dress code of most casinos will probably be best. You can wear jeans, if they are ironed and free of rips, while a skirt of mid-length or trouser suit combined with blouse will also provide an ideal low-key comfort-first outfit for a night of gaming. By the same token, flat shoes will be much more comfortable than heels, and bags, purses and other accessories should be as small and few as possible, to ensure you can move from table to slot machine without having to worry about whether you have them all with you. 

This kind of outfit is ideal for quieter gaming trips to the casino, but will not cut the mustard if you have a party planned there. This requires an altogether lively costume – although you have to be careful to avoid anything excessively revealing or tight, because casinos are usually stricter than nightclubs when it comes to this. Despite those Hollywood films, full-length gowns are not really appropriate unless you are in the Monte Carlo Casino, so how do get the balance right? 

Well, the legendary little black dress will represent the perfect combination of fun-loving frivolity and cool classiness, which is why so many women opt for it when they are going to a party.

What do you think is the perfect casino outfit?

My picks of little black dresses

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm Thankful...

1. ... that I can use all of my senses.

2. ... that tomorrow is the last day of grueling summer classes.

3. ... for access to clean water.

4. ... that our trip to the States is only a month away.

5. ... that my sister got the dream apartment that she wanted in Dubai.

Have a happy Thursday!


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