Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 1: A Picture of yourself with ten facts

  1. I grew up in a small town (population 13 000) in South Africa, where there are no traffic lights (which, by the way, we call “robots”) and no movie theaters. I now live in Taipei City, Taiwan (population 3 000 000)
  2. I love the smell of books. For me, there’s nothing like taking a whiff from a new book. I also enjoy reading and collecting them... which of course, is less weird.
  3. My younger sister lives in Dubai (UAE) and my two older brothers live at sea (they work on cruise ships). My parents still live in South Africa.
  4. I think it’s good to have a general idea of what is going on in the world, so I read three online newspapers everyday and watch CNN religiously. I also read Perez Hilton and E!Online to stay on top of  entertainment news. Yes, it is important to know who is running for president in the 2012 USA elections, and which products I can’t buy in Taiwan at the moment because of DEHP, but it’s also important to know who will host the MTV Video Music Awards and what Lady Gaga wore to dinner last night.
  5. I met my boyfriend at an Oasis concert in Taiwan, after the band was banned from performing in China.
  6. I teach English as a second language. English is also my second language. My first language is Afrikaans, and there are about 7 million native speakers in the world, mostly from South Africa and Namibia.
  7. I love high heels, but I hate wearing them.
  8. I want to see as much of the world as possible, and so far I’ve traveled to Namibia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, UAE and the Philippines. My favorite so far has been Thailand, and I will be going there for my second time in July 2011. Next year, I will travel to Europe for the first time.
  9. I’m an obsessive list maker, and get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when crossing things off it.
  10. I’m a dog person, and our family has two black French Poodles, aged 15 and 16. Yes, they are small and most people hate them. They are not ankle biters, however, before they got old they did tend to aim for the crotch area.


  1. Hey! This is beautiful, you are a wonderful writer! I am so excited to see you soon!
    Love, Blair

  2. Thanks, Blair! This time last year you were here in Taiwan with us. Good memories! Can't wait to catch up in a few weeks. xxx

  3. auww, u have visited malaysia?

    hope you have a nice trip to thailand ^^



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