Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 51 - A picture of your dream car

Range Rover Evoque 2012
I'm sure most people would choose a fast sports car as their dream car. But for me, being the not-so-good driver that I am, and the fact that I'm sure I would cause some kind of accident on the road, I would prefer to be in a bigger vehicle. Hence the love for a big and sturdy SUV.

Ever since the first pictures of the new Range Rover Evoque were revealed, I've been drooling over it. I've always been a big fan of Range Rovers, and for the longest time the Range Rover Sport was my favorite. But there's just something about the Evoque that I love. Maybe because it's the most "environmentally friendly" out of the Range Rover selection, or maybe just because it's pretty.

As I'm sure I'll live in Taipei, with it's convenient public transport system, for a loooong time, I won't be in the market for any car any time soon. Also, with the limited parking spots and the size of this car, it wouldn't be the most practical way to go. Yeah, so that's my reason for not getting my dream car (not the fact that it would cost me an arm and a leg and probably other body parts, too.)

Range Rover Evoque interior
What's your dream car?


  1. Yes, practicing your driving skills can help improve your confidence while on the road, which is essential for a driver. With that said, your choice of a dream car is pretty good. A favorite car doesn't have to be the fastest or flashiest, after all.

  2. Undoubtfully, the Range rover is a dream car of many people. We simply buy cars that can fulfill our daily needs but maintaining a luxurious car is something different. This Evoque model has been little older and now there are some new models has been there in the market. I hope, you have already achieved your dream car. Not the responsibility ends with buying a new car rather it started at this point. Without proper servicing and maintenance, you cannot continue for a long time with your beloved car.

  3. The Range Rover series including your favorite model- Evoque, over years, has created a niche in the SUV car segment. Generally, the SUVs have extra seating capacity, better safety measures, increased horsepower and towing capacity, for which they are preferred to be owned. However, it is not the fact that one would wish to buy a vehicle, if it is well enough to guarantee its owner’s life only and putting others in danger. The vehicle should be environment friendly as well as has a classy look. For most, to have a sports car or an SUV is an ultimate dream. If you are a good driver, you can unleash the fun of these luxury cars completely.



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