Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 52 - A picture of your favorite sport

South African rugby team (Springboks) scoring a try

South African cricket team (Proteas) playing Sri Lanka
After finishing high school, I haven't been big on participating in sports, although I do enjoy exercising. Throughout my school career I dabbled in many sports like athletics, netball, swimming, field hockey, ballroom dancing and even shooting (at a target! Not people or animals.)

I love watching sports though. I cannot call myself a true South African if I didn't. Rugby, cricket and soccer is huge in South Africa, and I love watching our national teams, the Springboks (rugby) and the Proteas (cricket) play. A big rugby match is the perfect reason for all the South African expats in Taiwan to come together, have a "braai", drink some beers, speak Afrikaans and sing the national anthem.

Other sports I enjoy watching, usually on TV, are gymnastics, ballroom dancing, tennis and swimming. I also love ballet, although I'm not entirely sure if that's considered a sport or an art.

Do you still play any sports? Or are you also more of a sports observer like me? 


  1. I still play footie (soccer) when I can, but it isn't as much as I'd like. I used to play a lot of team sports when I was in school- I played field hockey and football competitively for nearly 10 years.

    I love watching cricket [I'm afraid they'll take my passport away if I don't], rugby, and tennis. It's amazing what a unifying thing sports can be!




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