Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 4: A picture of your favorite night

Wow, this is a toughie. In my lifetime, I’ve had some pretty crazy, fun, memorable, not so memorable, amazing, spectacular nights. By the time I was 6 years old, my favorite night was the previous Christmas when I got the new Hollywood Hair Barbie. I really thought that life couldn’t get any better than that.

Little did I know that in 20 years’ time, I would be traveling the world and having all sorts of incredible evenings. Yes, even more incredible than getting a Barbie whose hair you can dye pink, and then wash it out again. And not even to mention her white and gold sparkling outfit. Anyway…

One of my other favorite nights, was an icy cold winter’s night during the 2009 holiday season. The Boyfriend and I were in New York City for the first time. It was awesome! I’ve always wanted to see the Big Apple, and there I was, standing in the middle of Times Square. Now, I’ve seen Times Square on TV and in movies hundreds of times, but to see it, and hear it, and smell it in real life is truly an amazing experience.

We sat down on those famous red stairs to take it all in; the bright lights, huge billboards, yellow taxis and the thousands of people. It was surreal. I had to pinch myself; was I really there? My arm hurt from the pinch, so yes, I was really there! I'll never forget that night, it was magical.

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