Thursday, August 4, 2011

Say what?

Weird and wonderful is Taiwan. Just when you think you've seen, heard and smelled everything, a bus passes you on the street that says "OH! Shit..." Coincidentally, that's exactly what I thought when that same bus nearly hit a pedestrian

During my three years in Taiwan, I've seen, heard (and unfortunately smelled) something weird or funny almost every day. This island just never fails to entertain me. Just when I think I'm having a "normal" day, I step in a pile of chicken feet on the sidewalk, or I see a family of five, including their poodle, together on a scooter.

I absolutely love Taiwan. I mean, honestly, where else in the world would they have the phrase "Oh shit" on the side of a bus? I'm actually very curious to what the advertisement is for. A video game? A TV show? Toilet paper? Can someone please enlighten us non-Mandarin-reading folk. Xie xie ni!


  1. OMG that is so funny! How is it that they don't know it is profane language??

  2. This ad is for an online-game, which just release a new mode called "便便鬥士", "The fighters of poo-poo".LOL

  3. So I actually guessed correctly? LOL Only in Taiwan.



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