Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We are almost at the end of 2011, and I must say, I'm very excited for 2012! A fresh start; a clean slate; a new page. Anything is possible! But before I can even start to think about my goals for 2012, I want to reflect on the past year first.

2011 wasn't just a good year for Kate Middleton, I actually had a pretty amazing year myself. I didn't marry my prince yet, so her year might have been a teensy tiny bit better than mine, but I did have an exceptionally happy year.

I got to travel a lot, which I'm very thankful for. In January The Boyfriend and I went to visit my family in South Africa for two weeks. We also traveled to Thailand, the USA and Hong Kong. 

This year I've met some pretty incredible people and made wonderful new friends. I've been going strong at work and have had a very successful and fulfilling year at my job.

I finally decided to just do it and I got braces. It's been almost four months, and it's really not as bad as I'd imagined. Also, I changed my hair for the first time in almost three years. Going from blond to brunette was scary, and I've yet to decide if blondes have more fun.

In June I started blogging and have been enjoying it so much. I thought only my mom and The Boyfriend (after I force him) would read it, and have been pleasantly surprised by family, friends and strangers' encouragement and support.

Of course, everything is not always rainbows and unicorns, and we've been through some tough times as well. But I think the tough times are there to bring us closer and to make us stronger. It also makes us much more appreciative of the good times, and I've really been blessed to have many of those in 2011.


  1. So thankful for all the nice and beautiful things you experienced in 2011. I know that 2012 will even be a greater year..... Positive thinking !!!!!!! I love u very much. xxxx

  2. love that quote above - will be putting it up on my fridge for 2012.

    nice blog x

  3. I've started reflecting back on this year as well & one of the main things i've realised is that the hard times defiantly made the good times better.

    I hope you have just as much fun in 2012 as you have in 2011!

  4. This is a lovely blog- to look back at the year and think of all the amazing bits :-)

    I hope next year brings you just as many lovely memories



  5. Really like your blog! I found it thru the 20 something bloggers site. I hope your 2012 is amazing!


  6. Love your reflections and image at the top! Its actually the background on my laptop!

    Glad I stumbled across your blog! What a lucky girl that you got to travel to South Africa!




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