Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 38 - A picture of the best part of your day

My morning coffee, maybe? Not only do I consider it as one of the best parts of my day, I also view it as a necessary part of my day. I really don’t know how anyone can wake up without coffee. What's your secret!? But that’s not the bestest best part of my day.

The best part of my day is when The Boyfriend comes home from work. We have opposite work schedules and I can only see him if I stay up very late. By that time I’m usually only half awake, in my pj’s and wrapped in a blanket.

So this picture shows a typical night after The Boyfriend gets home from work and I get to jump in for a cuddle. He tried to enforce a rule of me waiting ten minutes after he gets home before I can pounce. (He wants to settle down and relax, not have me jumping in his arms from excitement the moment he sets foot in the door.) I get it... Actually, no I don't. I can never wait ten minutes. Maybe 3 minutes… tops!


  1. This is so cute! I see my man once a week right I can relate to that being the best part of your day :)

  2. What a cute picture!!! Yay for cuddling time.

    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Haha Aww thats so cute. Also, a very good picture to capture that moment ha!

  4. One of our friends were staying over at our place and took the photo. I love it, it just really sums us up. :-)

    Thanks for your nice comments! xxx


  5. Loves this photo, you 2 are so cute...a

  6. That's my favorite part of the day too- happy for you!

  7. I happened across your blog randomly and this is soooo cute!

    Totally following you :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Welcome to Pretty.Random.Things. I'll check out your site, too! Have a nice day!



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