Monday, January 2, 2012

December Favorites 2011

December itself is one of my favorite months of the year. It's  filled with merriness, good friends, lots of delicious food, presents, Christmas parties and Starbucks' holiday drinks.

By far my favorite Christmas present this year was from The Boyfriend. We usually just tell each other what we want and I needed some rain boots, so he got me these Hunter (Regent Neoprene) boots. I absolutely love it, and they are way cuter than the original Hunter boots, I think.

Still on my mission to fix my damaged hair, I've been using the much raved about MoroccanOil hair treatment. It's really a fantastic product, and I'll repurchase it for sure. 

After my Lavender Vanilla candle burnt out, I got White Christmas from Yankee Candle. I can't believe how long these candles can burn. Truly worth the money. Next I would like to get Christmas Cupcake or Farmer's Market.

I finally got some MAC makeup brushes after years of just using my hands, and I'm in love! Now I just need to figure out exactly which brush is supposed to do what.

My absolute favorite blog I've discovered recently is Recently Roached by newlywed Jena. She is hilarious and writes about her life as a newlywed and the challenges/surprises that comes along with it. Definitely worth checking out!

I hope everyone had a fantastic month, and that you are ready for the new year? Happy 2012!


  1. Love you taste! MoroccanOil is amazing!

  2. I love Jena's blog! And I'll have to check out that Moroccan oil. What exactly is it supposed to do?


  3. How sweet of your boyfriend!

    Happy New Year, Liesl! :))

  4. I have the same pair of Hunters and I love them, especially since it's pissing down rain here at the moment. And I've been dying to try that Moroccan Oil for ages... I really just need to bite the bullet and order some.
    Happy New Years to you! :-)

  5. Aw!! This is so sweet, L! So happy to have you as a reader :) happy new year!

  6. I neeeed a new make-up brush set and that looks perfect! I know realize that buying a cheap set is useless bc they all break apart. I'm sure MAC is amazing!

  7. Happy New Year, everyone!

    @Kristen Danielle The MoroccanOil is a treatment you put on damp hair after washing it. It shortens the drying time and it serves as a conditioner. Makes my hair very shiny!

    @TayKat You should invest in some good quality brushes which will last you for a loooong time. You really can't go wrong with MAC. Just don't buy it online, buy it at a MAC store. :-)

  8. HAHA! Oh my gosh, I'm the same with Mac brushes! I love them all but I need to learn which goes with what! LOL


    What movies are you guys watching tonight? I'm more of a horror kind of movie girl myself!

  9. You got some lovely bits I'm jealous of the MAC brushes! xx

  10. I found you on 20SB. So glad I did. I really enjoy what you've done with your blog. I shall be following you now, and I look forward to reading more about you.

  11. I'm going to check out those candles. I'm a candle fanatic and hate how quickly they have to be replaced.

    Also going to check out that Roached blog as well.

  12. Moroccan Argan Oil = Best *nods*

    Happy New Year! :)!

  13. Hey!!! Love your blog!! Are you still in Taiwan? I'm having the same problem with my hair...damaged! Does the oil work? Where did you buy it from? I've been trying to find the oil in Taiwan....thanks a bunch!

  14. @Reese Yes, I'm still in Taiwan :-) The MoroccanOil is amazing! It actually makes my lifeless hair look shiny!! I bought it online at and it took about 2 weeks to arrive.

    Here's the link:

    Definitely worth the money! xxx

  15. Thanks for the fabulous comments on my blog! I've been following yours for a while and I love it. :)

    That yankee candle looks great. I never saw that one in S.A. :)

  16. Thanks so much for your response! I love all things girly, but have had a hard time finding things that I hear about from friends back home. I'm a Canadian living in Taiwan, and reading your blog is loads of fun for me, cause we like the same things! :)

  17. P.s. I recently found the EOS lipbalm at a store here in Taoyuan in "sweet mint"...dont if you like mint, but I do, and it's amaaaazing! :)



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