Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012 – Gift ideas for HIM

What are the odds of meeting that one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with? No, really; what are the odds? So you found him? Lucky girl! Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate it, and to spoil your man.

If you aren’t still totally broke from Christmas and want to get him something nice this year, here are some ideas:

1. Underwear
Calvin Klein
Underwear is always a great gift, especially if you know it's time for your man to part with his favorite pair that's full of holes. Calvin Klein would be the perfect choice.

2. Perfume/ Cologne
Top left: Armani Code    Top right: Issey Miyake
Bottom: Burberry Brit 
I love my man to smell good, so perfume is a must! The Perfume Shop has a big selection of designer scents.

3. Chocolate body paint
Kama Sutra Lover's Body Paint
I'm sure your man would appreciate this delectable gift! Chocolate body paint is sold in many stores, and you can also buy it online here.

4. Headphones
MONSTER Beats by Dr Dre
I know The Boyfriend loves his Beats headphones, so I would really recommend this. Check out all the different styles and sizes on the Beats by Dr Dre website.

5. Sexy Time Dice
"Get Lucky" dice
Feeling playful? This might be the perfect gift for him. (And for you...). Get your hands on the "Get Lucky" dice.

6. Chocolates
Godiva's Valentine's Day Romantic Heart
The Valentine's Day classic! And for good reason; everyone loves chocolate. Spoil him with a box from Godiva.

7. Concert tickets

Get him concert tickets to see his favorite band or artist. Get two tickets, and who knows, maybe he'll invite you.

8. Personalized board game
"Lovopoly" board game
This might be a little too corny for some, but I think it's actually a cute idea. You can personalize your own board game here.

9. Watch
DIESEL Men's watch collection 2012
Diesel has a great selection of men's watches.

10. Gadget
Apple iPod Nano
You know how men are with their gadgets and you can't go wrong with an Apple product.

Do you have some other gift ideas? Please share in the comments.


  1. I'm a Monopoly fiend, so if my lady bought me Lovopoly I'd be head over heels :D Never been a fan of the body paint, though. I prefer not to mix food with amorous activities.


  2. Great ideas!

    My bf doesn't wear cologne and I kinda wish he did. Think it would be too pushy if I bought him some that I like?

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  5. Very helpful! Thanks!

  6. Chocolates are always a great option!

  7. @Kristina I don't think it would be pushy at all. It's worth a try! What if he loves it? :-)

  8. Cool idea..
    i also just found awesome ideas for Gifts on Valentine day from here >

  9. Fantastic recommendations! I usually go for the chocolates and gadget ideas on Valentine’s Day because frankly my boyfriend is a huge tech geek who loves his sweets, so really I can never go wrong with those two ideas. I really love that customized board game idea too, it sounds like such a sweet idea. Seeing as I only have a few days left though, maybe I’ll just save that idea for our Anniversary in the next few months. The one gift that I got him already is the Sling Adapter through my job at Dish. It was only $30 and will let him bring and watch all of his favorite subscribed programming live or recorded on his phone anywhere he goes in the world; which is perfect for him because he travels a lot for business! I don’t know if it would be a good gift idea for other boyfriends out there, but I thought I’d recommend it anyways. Thanks again for your great ideas! :)

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  14. The best gift I've given him was presumably a puzzle that I made!At the point when assembled it had a picture of us and a border of hearts!I made a box for it too with funny pictures I cropped together!Additionally,one year I gave him an ipod (he had effectively washed and broken two) and flip flops (we generally joked about how ghastly his were)!I put the gifts in a wicker bin that I had and covered them in little bits of paper that each one had a different memory of our own or inside joke on it!
    @Jessica Hall.

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