Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: Pet Peeves

 A while ago, I wrote about my absolute biggest pet peeve; text language. Grrr! Don't get me started again. I'm generally a very happy and positive person, but geez, there are some things that can annoy the life and soul out of me. Hence, my top 10 pet peeves:

1. Public bathrooms
Okay, so apparently when people leave their houses, they also leave good manners and their bathroom etiquette at home. Just think of most public toilets you've used; toilets don't get flushed, there's body waste all over the toilet, and the walls, the floor is like a swimming pool and there's not a dry spot on the sink or around it. Tissue paper in the bin? Nope, just throw it on the floor in the water where it can soak and stick to everyone else's shoes.

2.  Slow walkers
Maybe you don't have somewhere, anywhere(?!), to go? But others do! So get a move on. And why is it that you can just never seem to get around and pass these freakin' people?

3. Air travelers
My faith in mankind is not tested anywhere else more so than in an airport or on an airplane. Good example; The pilot, and the flight attendants, remind us five hundred and twenty times to stay seated until the plane has come to a complete stop and the seat belt sign has been switched off. The plane's wheels has barely touched the runway when the clicking sounds of seat belts being taken off fills the cabin, and Billy-Bob can't jump up fast enough to get his stuff out of the overhead compartment. "Sir! Sir!, please take your seat. The seat belt sign has not been switched off." Sigh.

4. Empty products in the refrigerator
It takes exactly the same amount of effort to throw that empty product in the trash, as it does to put it back in the refrigerator. Seriously, exactly the same.

5. Bad body odor
Really? You can't smell yourself? You don't notice people choking in your presence and staying outside a four meter radius of you? It's called deodorant, it's cheap, and you can buy it anywhere.

6. Standing at the top of the escalator
Yes, this does seem like the perfect place to hang out, type a text or eat a sandwich. But it's not. Poor little Suzy's flip-flop ends up getting stuck in the escalator because of your inability to take others into consideration.

7. Reading over my shoulder
Sorry you weren't smart enough to bring your own book or magazine. And, yes, I know what I'm doing on the computer is fascinating to you, but please, oh please, don't hang over my shoulder to read with me or to give your witty comment on my online browsing preferences.

8. Lack of common sense
You learn something in school, in college or from a book. That's great! But sometimes you also have to think for yourself. Question things, have your own opinions and don't just believe anything you see and hear.

9. The Facebook Complainer
We all have that one, or maybe more, "friends" on Facebook that you can always count on for the most dramatic and emo status updates. Yes, life is tough sometimes and you can't have a good day every day. But really, there's nothing good going on in your life? "Are you sure you want to unfollow this friend?" Double click!

10. Poor grammar
I know mine isn't always perfect, but English is my second language. You really shouldn't still be confusing "there", "their" and "they're" if you have already graduated from high school. It's really not that difficult.

What are your biggest pet peeves?


  1. Biggest pet peeves -
    Couples that live with one another and use facebook to communicate
    "honey dont touch the muffins I made" Yeahhhh okay we know you are domestic goddess but eeenough.....

    People that make clicking noises with their mouth when they are at work - in a dead quiet office

    People who push in front of you and pretend you arent there.


    1. Or a couple that share a Facebook profile! What, they're one person now!?!? Gah!

  2. Hi Liesl!!!

    This is your brother and I'm afraid I have all of these in common with you. The worse ones I'm dealing with here in Dubai on a daily basis are the slow walkers, the bathroom abusers and of course the air travelers. I have never experienced people with such poor mall sense as here in UAE. Families with small children walk the mall in single file, with strollers, shopping bags and nannies, to make matters worse they are always on their mobile phones and kids have their PSP's and if they walk any slower they would be standing still! It is impossible to walk past them or to browse around shops on the weekend especially! As far as public restrooms goes, why can't people just shower at home before they come to the mall? Do you really have to come all the way to the mall to wash your feet and face, gargle and spit? I don't even want to know what happens inside the toilet stalls... just the water running under the door and over to the next stall speaks for itself!

    1. I see your "Messy Feet and Face Washers" in Dubai and I raise you "One Female Squatter Toilet Stall" here in Taiwan. Now THAT'S disgusting!

  3. Hahahaa! Royal Flush right there!

  4. These are some of my biggest pet peeves, too!

  5. I absolutely agree about how annoying it is when people read over my shoulder! It just agitates me!

    Also, the bit about the bathrooms? I traveled to China for a while and experienced the female squatter toilet stall conundrum. Just the thought of it makes me cringe- I couldn't understand how people would trash a facility not belonging to them!

  6. My English isn't perfect as well. But I still have my sense knowing the difference between their, they're and there. I can relate to number 10!

  7. Facebook complaining is irritating, along with the vague, trying-to-be-mysterious status updates:
    "SO MAD! I don't wanna talk about it so don't ask me questions."
    "I need prayers!"
    "I wasn't prepared for this!"

  8. here's one for me. When I'm at the pharmacy and the person behind me is standing right next to me, at the counter, instead of behind me. I can't tell you how many times this happens. I will even turn to them and even say excuse me a minute, and more times than not, they look at you like your crazy. I find this very offensive and rude!



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