Saturday, June 30, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER - What's in my makeup bag?

It's GUEST BLOGGER time! This week, the gorgeous Angela from Ladyhub agreed to share with us the contents of her makeup bag. So let's take a peek, shall we?

I have a major crush on all of the summer brights and neons trending right now in the
fashion world. The bolder and hotter the color, the better. Such intense hues only work
if you know how to compliment them with your makeup. The key to making it work;

I make sure to highlight only one part of my face at a time. If I go with a sparkly or
colored eye liner, I make sure to sport a nude lip. With the perfect flush of a coral-
colored blush, I keep my eyes and lips toned down. When I slick on my favorite fuchsia
lip gloss (#4), the rest of my face is subtle. You get the picture.

Here are some of the products in my makeup bag that make it so easy for me to look
my best. I couldn’t get through this summer without these!...

#1 - Clinique 20 Invisible Blend Loose Powder : for a beautiful, matte finish
#2 - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 003 Shell : for even, glowing skin
#3 - Stila Custom Color Blush Self-adjusting Coral : for perfectly rosy cheeks
#4 - Real Colors Lip Fury Lip Gloss : for a HOT, plump pout
#6 - Prestige Eye Shadow in Flushed : for light, shimmery eyes
#9 - Color Club Nail Polish in Peach Out Purple : for bright nails you can wear to work
#10 - Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Flash - for starlet eyes, even at the


Do you have any brights and/or neon in your makeup bag right now? What's your favorite product for this summer?



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