Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 65 – A picture of something you borrowed from someone else

I borrowed these DVDs from my sister ages ago. Two years ago maybe... This was a very popular TV show back in the late eighties and early nineties in South Africa, and I have never met an Afrikaans family that didn't watch it growing up.

Because it's in Afrikaans, The Boyfriend has not been able to watch the episodes with me. Even though he understands quite a lot of Afrikaans now, he doesn't understand the humor. It's very "local". I have to explain many things to him, because we use a lot of idioms and expressions in our language.

I still haven't watched all the episodes, and will usually only pop it in when I have South African guests staying over at our place. They "get it". I guess I'll have to return these soon. She probably forgot that I had it...


  1. SUSSIEEEE, gee terug my dvd's :-) Ek was hoeka nou die dag lus om dit te kyk! sys klein! love you xxx

    1. Nee, ek wil nog alles kyk! :-P Okay, sal dit saambring Dubai toe dan kyk ons dit saam. xxx

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