Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 76 – A picture of something your mom bought you

My mom sent me this cook book for Christmas last year. Or was it my birthday? I don't remember. We had a good laugh, because as you can probably figure out, it's a children's cook book, and I'm obviously not a child. 

I've never been very interested in cooking, as I grew up in a house where we had someone cook for us every day. I would say it's only been the past few years that I've finally started experimenting with cooking and baking more often, which I actually really enjoy now.

My mom thought it would be funny to send me this cook book, which is in Afrikaans if you were wondering. After flipping through it though, I noticed it had some really awesome recipes in it. You know, it's just the basics; no fancy schmancy recipes. Just basic pancakes, cupcakes, oven baked fries and things like that. I actually really like this, because then you can experiment and add things you personally like.

I think I might just whip out this bad boy for dinner tonight...


  1. It looks like your ready for the big Adult " Kook en Geniet" now. There is so many cookbooks on the shelves lately, I would't know which one to purchase. Have a wonderful week. Love u to bits !!!!!

    1. Ons kan 'n nuwe ene gaan uitkies as ek volgende jaar by die huis is. Eintlik wil ek net he Mamma moet al Mamma se resepte tik op die rekenaar en vir my uitprint ;-)



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