Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 78 – A picture of what’s inside your fridge

I know this photo was supposed to go up yesterday, but Blogger decided to give me the finger and I couldn't upload the image (which is basically the glue that holds this post together...)

I really wish the content of our fridge was more exciting, but we try to keep it simple. I eat breakfast and lunch at work, and The Boyfriend eats lunch and dinner at work, so we don't really have the need for a lot of food at home. 

Let's start at the top left; we have a glass of water (The Boyfriend likes it cold, and I like my water at room temperature). Then we have margarine, sliced cheese and multigrain bread. Below that we have blueberries and strawberries. (My favorite summer fruits!)

Next to the strawberries is a container with brown rice. On the bottom shelf we have pasta sauce, a random beer and some chicken in a glass container. I think behind that is some mayonnaise. 

Now let's move over to the door. From the top to the bottom; just the standard refrigerator door stuff; eggs, yogurt, chili sauce, peanut butter, mustard, pesto, honey mustard dressing, milk, maple syrup and Ranch.

So this is what's in our fridge at the moment. It's pretty standard. It can get a little crazy in there after a trip to Costco, though, but I try to keep it clean and free of expired products.

I hope you enjoyed this, very nosy, journey into the contents of our refrigerator?


  1. I'd rather not take a pic of mine... pretty much same content but a lot more mess since mom and I just can't do daily errands anymore since dad is sick... Living room turned to nursing room and I wish we had a mate to help us out :I
    Hugs to Taipei! :*

    1. So sorry to hear that. :-( If I could I'd fly over there right now and clean up your fridge! xxx

  2. Mine's a whole lot of empty right now but it's usually very green (filled with veggies). My sister looked into my fridge a week or two ago and said "Where are the snacks?!?!" and I laughed at her and told her to eat a carrot. :)

    1. Well, that's good! We are definitely very bad with buying vegetables. We never finish it and end up having to throw a lot of stuff out.

  3. Hi Liesl,
    Loving your blog, keep it up. well i have normal stuff in my refrigerator like eggs, sausages, yogurts, cheese, coke, potato salad, juices, fruit & veg!
    Nothing home made any thing:(

    1. Thanks! :-) Okay, now I'm craving potato salad...



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