Saturday, July 7, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: What's in my bag?

Today, our guest blogger here on Pretty.Random.Things. is the adorable and beautiful Alynne-Leigh from Pink Lemonade: Designed to Love. I was so happy when she agreed to share with us what's in her bag. This is my all-time favorite type of post to read. Yeah, I'm just that nosy...

When Liesl asked me to do a "What's In My..." post, I couldn't help but write about What's in My Bag. Handbags are my favorite accessory, and it's very rare that I'm carrying anything less than everything around with me, from day to day.

In fact, I'm not sure if my bag has ever been cleaner than it is this week. I just switched bags for summer, and this is what I'm carrying around:

a. My fast flats - These babies come in a little gold pouch for a reason. I love wearing heels and pumps, but after an eight hour shift at work, my feet start begging me for some TLC, and these shoes know just how to save the day!

b. Shades - Now that it's summer time, I don't leave the house without my sunglasses. You've gotta protect your peepers! These ones are my favorite: they're Simply Vera Wang from Kohl's, and were totally free when I used my Kohl's cash!

c. Keys to the world - Okay. They're not keys to the whole world. They only unlock my car and an old minivan. But, hey, that's pretty close. 

d. Expired coupons - Every girl needs an extensive supply of coupons past their prime in her handbag, and I am no exception. If you're looking for freebies and discounts from three months ago, my bag is the place to find them.

e. Chewy bar - Shopping, rushing from class to class, and getting stuck in traffic can really work up an appetite. That's why I don't leave home without an emergency chewy bar in my purse.

f. My little iPod - I have a bigger iPod Touch, somewhere. But I absolutely love my little iPod. I think the last time I uploaded music to it was when I was still in high school, so a lot of the songs are old and outdated, but they're my favorites, and every time I listen to these songs, it takes me back. 

g. The berry - I'll admit it: I have a problem. I think I'm addicted to my cell phone. I don't go anywhere without it. When I'm not texting or calling someone else, I'm using it to surf Facebook or catch up on my favorite blogs' RSS feeds. I'm hooked.

h. Little bag of wonders - And by wonders I mean makeup. I don't go anywhere without this bag. It's a public service, really. Trust me.

i. Wallet - Home of credit cards, loose change, and expired coupons, my wallet has seen better days (considering how empty it's been lately!). But, you know, I love it anyway. 

What's in your bag?


  1. Such a good idea to put flats in your bag! I don't know how many times I've walked around in heels all day long wishing I had flats with me to change into. Love your makeup bag and wallet!

  2. hahaha, yes! i always have expired coupons with me! too funny!
    xo TJ



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