Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favorite Fall/Winter 2012 nail polish collections

Here in Taiwan, summer is still in full swing and there's not even a little hint of fall in the air yet. That doesn't mean I'm not already checking out the fall fashions, makeup and nail polish collections, and lusting after comfy sweaters, cashmere scarves and stylish riding boots.

As I checked out the nail polish collections for Fall/Winter 2012, I started getting really excited for the cooler season. There are some beautiful color selections, and these are the collections I love the most:
Left to right: Suspicious, Frenzy,Vertigo

Left to right: Miss Fancy Pants, Recessionista, Stylenomics,  Head  Mistress,  Don't Sweater It,  Skirting the Issue

Top - Left to right: Berlin there done that, My very first knockwurst, Don't talk Bach to me,  Every month is Octoberfest, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK fine!
Bottom - Left to right: Danke-shiny red, Deutsch you want me baby?, Schnapps out of it!, Unfor-greta-bly blue, German-icure by OPI
Left to right:  Golden Jungle Duo Dior Vernis, Amazonia, Bengale 
Left to right:  Lovely Jubbly,  Trustafarian,  Gobsmacked, Shag,  Dodgy Barnett  

Top - Left to right: Desert Sun, Kalahari Kiss, I'm not Lion, I herd that, Elephant Walk, Exotic Encounters
Bottom - Left to right: Jungle Queen, Call of the Wild, Purr-Fect Plum, Prey Tell, Adventure Red-y, Man Hunt
Left to right: Evvie, Monica, Natty, Noot, Rekha, Toni
So far, I like the Chanel and Essie collections best. What do you think about these Fall/Winter 2012 nail polish collections? Do you have a favorite yet? 



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