Friday, September 14, 2012

Neutral Sweaters for Fall/Winter 2012

When I think about fall and winter, I think about snuggling under a warm blanket, watching movies, drinking Rooibos tea, and of course, all while wearing a comfy warm sweater.

Last year, I lost my sweater-loving mind and bought about ten new ones in preparation for the cold months. I wore the life out of all of them, as they were perfect for lazing around the house, running errands, brunch with friends and the nice, more fitted, ones got to go to work with me and were even invited on some date nights.

I probably have enough for this year, but I can't help lusting after more sweaters. I don't think I can ever have enough. This year, I'm especially hunting for some comfy and chunky, yet fitted, numbers in neutrals.

Here are some of my favorites, discovered on Pinterest of course.
Waffle Crew neck sweater by Peter Jensen
Fitted cable knit sweater
Cambrigde cable zip crew-neck sweater by J.Crew
Chunky cable knit sweater
Oversized chunky sweater
Cable knit sweater
Eyelet embellished knit sweater from She Inside
*Note: I was about to order this sweater and decided to do some research on the company ( I only read bad reviews online, so would advise against purchasing from this site. Bummer.
Comfy loose knit sweater
Do you like wearing sweaters? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Love the SheInside sweater off to buy it!
    Emma x

    1. I love it, too! Obviously.. I'm getting it also. :-)

    2. Hi Emma! Did you already order the sweater? I was just about to order it, and decided to do some research on first. Unfortunately, I only came across really bad reviews for this site. Mostly people are disappointed by the quality of the products, and bad customer service.

      I'm not ordering it anymore.

    3. I read the reviews to before placing an order and it put me off ordering looking for another jumper h&m and Zara have lovely things in for autumn/ winter

    4. I agree! Just went to Zara last night, they have beautiful things for fall.

  2. I always make sure to have a white sweater jacket (with a zipper). You can throw it over any outfit.

  3. Where is Zara? Or do they have an online store/

    1. Zara has many stores around the world. Or you can buy online:

      Happy shopping! :-)



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