Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: Candles for fall & winter

By now you all know that I'm obsessed with candles. Even though I burn candles in my house throughout the year, fall and winter are my favorite seasons to have candles going.

At the moment I'm burning Slatkin and Co.'s "Caribbean Escape". Maybe it's because I'm not totally out of summer vacation mode yet? I love these candles. I prefer the bigger 3-wick ones, as they are very fragrant and enough to make my entire apartment smell good.

Here are some of the candles that I'm eyeing to buy this fall and winter:

1. Tocca "Stella"

2. Yankee Candle "Farmers' Market"

3. Jo Malone "Nectarine Blossom & Honey"

4. Diptyque "Tubéreuse Rouge"

5. NEST "Holiday Scented 3-Wick"

6. Trapp "No.4 Orange Vanilla"

7. Slatkin & Co. "Leaves"

8. Seda France "Pamplemousse & Baie Cameo"

9. The Fine Cotton Company "Love Me"

10. Bisoux Maison "Cedarwood, Frankincense & Patchouli"

Which candle(s) do you love burning during fall and winter?


  1. During the fall and winter I like pumpkin, cider, and evergreen scents.

    1. Perfect for fall! Which brand of candles do you like the most?

  2. Those candles look lovely! My favorites will have to be

    Feu de Bois//Diptyque
    Blueberry Vanilla//Trish McEvoy
    Jo Malone is always a great choice!
    Vanilla Verbena//Bath & Body works aromatherapy
    Creamy Pumpkin//Slatkin & Co

    I've never tried a Tocca candle, I may try that next!

  3. Some of these candle containers are adorable!!!! My favourite winter candle is Christmas Cookie- Yankee Candle. Mmmm just gets me in the moood for sweet christmas treats!



    1. Can you believe it's almost Christmas time again!? Where did the time go? I'll check out Christmas Cookie next time I'm at Yankee Candle. :-)

  4. The Yankee candle reminded me of the prize that I never got when I won the Christmas tree online. :( Sorry. Anyway, i miss this blog a lot. I hope u still remember me... Cherry of "a day with me". now my blog has a new name and address--- http://mylifelatelyblog.blogspot.com/

    feel free to visit it. :)

    1. Hi Cherry! Of course I remember you! Long time no see. Ah, you never got your Xmas tree? That sucks.

      I'll check out your new site for sure! :-)

  5. Scented candles are like aroma therapy to me :D

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