Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: No-more-braces food

"What is the first thing you want to eat when your braces come off?", has definitely been the most-asked question by my friends and family recently. I'm extremely happy to announce that I'm officially braces-free since last night.

This week, I'll write all about my treatment and experience. But for now, let's talk about the most important thing; food.

Throughout my treatment, I would fantasize about certain foods, which I had to give up while I had my braces. Now that there are no brackets, wires and elastic bands holding me back, I can indulge myself in all the fabulous foods that I couldn't eat for a year.

Here is my list of Top 10 foods that I can't wait to stuff my face with now that my braces are gone:

1. Popcorn

I'm such a big fan of popcorn, so I did have it occasionally during my treatment. But when I ate it, I could only put one in my mouth at a time and had to concentrate on not getting a popcorn kernel in between the brackets, which would risk it coming off and would mean a trip to the orthodontist. No one wants to concentrate that hard when eating popcorn, especially when all I really want to do is to mindlessly stuff a handful of popcorn in my mouth and enjoy the movie.

2. Apples
Of course I was able to eat apple cut up into small pieces, but I just can't wait to hold a juicy green apple in my hand and take a huge bite out of it.

3. Nuts

I love snacking on nuts, especially almonds, and have missed it so much this past year. The Boyfriend and I went to Costco yesterday, and I almost couldn't keep myself from doing my happy dance in front of the nut selection.

4. Cookies

I was able to eat certain cookies, but not all of them. And there's really nothing worse than than when you think a cookie is going to be soft, and then you can't bite into it, and then you're stuck with a soggy cookie and a mouth full of saliva.

5. Biltong (beef jerky)

Even though I haven't really been eating red meat the past year, I've craved traditional South African biltong. I know that I could possibly have had it shredded, but I prefer eating a big chunk at a time.

6. Granola

This was definitely a no-go for me during my treatment. Even though I basically lived off cereal after adjustments, when my teeth were sensitive, I couldn't even dream of having a delicious bowl of mixed nuts and oats.

7. Chewing gum

For someone who always carried a pack of gum in her bag, not being able to chew it was a big change for me. I did switch to mints during my treatment though, but really missed being able to chew gum. Buying a packet straight after work today!

8. Potato chips

Just like cookies, I was able to eat some softer chips, like Lays, but I also couldn't eat all of them. Being an around-the-clock snacker, this was a huge problem for me.

9. Hard candy

I have a sweet tooth and have missed being able to eat candy mindlessly. I did eat a lollipop once and one of my brackets came off.

10. Corn on the cob

Ooh, I absolutely can't wait to have corn on the cob with some melted butter...mmm...

Have you ever had braces? What was the one food that you couldn't wait to eat again after they came off?


  1. I would miss almonds and some cookies!

  2. I missed all of those! Especially the candy and popcorn! Your teeth look great, enjoy the freedom!

    1. Thanks, girl! I'm enjoying every minute of my freedom :-)



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