Friday, December 14, 2012

Capturing December: Day 10 to 13

I've really been enjoying taking these "Capturing December" photos every day. Christmas is just around the corner and, because of this Christmas-themed challenge, I find myself noticing the lights, trees, songs and general festiveness everywhere I go.

You can check out my pics on Instagram and Twitter, daily. Here are my latest batch of snaps:

Day 10 - Wrapping Paper

I used to wrap and ribbon all my gifts, and even though it looks pretty, it took up so much time. The past few years I've been opting for bags instead, or most of the time just leaving the gift in it's original shopping bag. This is much more eco-friendly, because I can reuse the bags.

Day 11 - Green

These were the three options I chose for my nails this week. I ended up putting the green nail polish from CHIC CHOC on my nails, to go with that day's theme, "Green".

Day 12 - A beautiful sight

The Boyfriend will tell you that I'm a little OCD when it comes to organizing our closet. I just like being able to see everything and know where I can find it. This past week I organized my makeup and nail products, and decided to take out the products I use most often and put them all together. To me, this is a very beautiful sight!

Day 13 - Family

Unfortunately we can't be with our families for Christmas, so I decided to print out photos of them, make ornaments and put them on the tree. I love that it adds a unique and personal touch to our Christmas tree.

Do you wrap or bag your Christmas gifts?


  1. I use a lot of bags because I can't wrap very well.

    I like the ornaments of your family!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to see their faces every day when I look at the tree :-)



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