Monday, December 24, 2012

Capturing December: Day 18 to 22

I just noticed it's been a week since the last time I posted here. Oops! How was everyone's weekend? I attended three Christmas parties and, needless to say, I'm still exhausted today. Three more to go!

I'm sure everyone's looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas, and I hope you get to share it with your loved ones.

Here are my "Capturing December" photos from the past week.

December 18 - Stockings

I bought two stockings for The Boyfriend and me last year, and I've managed not to lose or destroy them this past year, so they have been happily hanging next to our tree. I didn't buy any stocking-stuffers this year, everything just went under the tree. But I still like having them as extra Christmas decorations.

December 19 - Candy cane

I don't even know where in Taipei I would be able to get candy canes... The closest thing I have is a drawer full of random candy in our apartment. I have a sweet tooth and like to get a little snack from this drawer sometimes. It kinda reminds me of a similar drawer my grandmother used to have, which we used to frequent quite often as well.

December 20 - Tree topper

Our tree topper is just a simple, silver star. I'm sure this is what most people have on their trees? Next year I would like to get a bigger one. And a bigger tree!

December 21 - Peace

I've been in Asia too long? Just kidding. I decided to snap this peace sign on my way out to dinner and drinks with friends on Friday.

December 22 - Tradition

Ever since I've been living in Taiwan, my friends and I have always done gift exchanges around Christmas time. These were a collection of the presents that The Boyfriend and I took/is taking to all the Christmas parties we were/are attending this year.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! 



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