Monday, December 10, 2012

Capturing December: Day 4 to 9

Whoops, I kinda forgot to update my "Capturing December" photos here on Pretty.Random.Things. I've been posting them daily on my Twitter and Instagram accounts though.

I've been trying to post mainly Christmas-themed pics, you know, to keep things festive on here for the month of December. Take a look at my photos for day 4 to 9:

December 4th - Joyous

This place is called Miramar shopping center and, as you can see, it has a giant Ferris Wheel on top of the roof. The school that I work at is nearby and I walk past here quite often. To me, this is a very joyous place. They have many stores that I like, lots of nice restaurants, and you can enjoy a great view of Taipei when taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

December 5th - Today's temperature

Before you say: "What!?" This is 18 degrees Celsius  not Fahrenheit. It's been getting pretty cold here in Taipei and has been raining non-stop for almost 2 weeks. Because of the high humidity here, it actually feels a lot colder. 

December 6th - Shopping

Christmas shopping has officially begun, and on my first trip shopping I just had to pick up some things from my favorite Christmas-time stores; LUSH and The Body Shop. Also, I made a quick stop at UNIQLO for some socks and cardigans.

December 7th - Bright

Last year I bought some pretty white fairy lights for our Christmas tree. The Boyfriend and I thought that getting some extra lights this year would look nice, but these LED lights just didn't look good at all. These lights are so bright that I couldn't look directly at the tree, which kind of defeats the purpose. They now have to find a new spot for Christmas.

December 8th - Ornament(s)

Last year my mom sent me this pretty silvery cross ornament for Christmas, and it fits in really well with the all-silver-and-glitter theme we have going on on our tree this year.

December 9th - Something you're reading

I was planning on watching the movie after I finished the book but I just couldn't wait anymore. I'm about a hundred pages into the book now and really really enjoyed the movie. I'm now even more excited about reading the rest of the book.

Have you seen "Life of Pi"yet? What did you think?


  1. I didn't know that LED lights were especially bright. I've been wondering why so many customers, at the store where I work, have been specifically looking for non-LED ones.

    1. I didn't either! But it's really really bright. I think LED lights should probably be used outside or somewhere else around the house. Definitely not on the tree. :-/

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