Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year!

I love the start of a new year, which means we can all have a clean slate and turn a new leaf. I managed to stick to my 2012 Resolutions, because it was easy to just do what I love, and to do it often. 

This year I got the idea on of making a list of only 3 or 5 resolutions, framing it and putting it where I can see it every day, like next to my bed or on my desk at work.

Most of us often forget our resolutions ten minutes after making them, and I thought it was a fantastic idea to frame my resolutions and be reminded and inspired by them every day.

My 5 Resolutions for 2013:

1. Think positively

I'm a big believer that when I think more positive thoughts, I feel more positive and I attract more positive people and situations into my life. It's not as easy as it sounds though. 

With everyday work and life stresses, it's easy to have negative thoughts make its way into my head. I definitely have to train myself to think more positively.

2. Say "I love you"

Even though I have so many people in my life, whom I love dearly, I don't always say "I love you" every time I talk to them. When I was 19 years old, a very dear friend of mine passed away in a motorcycle accident. But I remember clearly that the last time I saw her, we both said: "I love you!" as we were just casually saying goodbye after hanging out. 

That memory has stayed with me for the past 8 years, and I'm so thankful that those were our last words to each other. I just want everyone I love to know how much they mean to me.

3. Be thankful

I also believe that being thankful for my blessings, and truly feeling it and appreciating it, I will experience more blessings in my life. A few months ago I read "The Magic" by Ronda Byrne, which focuses on the concept that being truly appreciative of all the good things and people in your life, you will receive more to be thankful for. 

I recommend this book to you if you are feeling a little down and blue, and if you have that feeling that nothing's going right in your life and that everyone else is having a better life than you. It definitely opens up your eyes to what you have to be thankful for. I began noticing that I do have so much to be grateful for and that there truly is something good in every day.

4. Do random acts of kindness

According to an episode of "Friends", "there's no selfless good deed". Which means, even if you do something nice for someone, you're actually doing it to feel good about yourself and to maybe get some recognition. I don't believe that though. 

If I have to go out of my way to do something nice for someone and it needs effort from my side, and I don't tell anyone about it, I think that's pretty selfless. Sometimes it does feel very good though, but what's bad about that? But you know what, there's a theory that if you do something nice for someone else, they'll be more likely to pay it forward. It can only make the world a better place if we're out there doing nice things for other people.

5. Pray more

I pray every day, and I know the power it has, because I've experienced it numerous times in my life. Let me just say that I usually steer clear of writing about religion and beliefs on my blog. I respect every individual's right to choose what they want to believe in. 

I think what you believe is a personal decision, and you shouldn't have to shout it out to the world or force it down anyone's throat. The way you live, your character, and the way you treat others, speak way louder than words.

I want to pray more often during the day, and not just once at night before I go to sleep and I'm only semi-conscious. I think this will also help with my other resolutions of thinking more positively and being thankful.

Are you making resolutions for 2013? What are yours?


  1. These are great resolutions. :)

    1. Thanks, Robin :-) Do you have any resolutions for 2013?

  2. These are great resolutions. Well done. I last year made a vow to myself to say the word "NO" and kept that promise with toxic people and toxic request. I also removed toxic people from my life that did not contribute to my well being. It was illuminating how that little word as a resolution made such a impact on my life. Along that line this years word(S) is "Yes is sacred". When you agree to something, your time, your investment in that time and your emotional well being are all affected. I will remember all year to use the word yes carefully just as I did the word no last year. Yes takes away from the sacred precious time we have to enjoy our lives so make it worthwhile. Its ok to say NO and only say yet to things you really feel are important to you. My other resolution along with that is to be more careful of people I met on websites as a Lauren Conrad nut was truly awful to me and threatening. New resolution choose friends much more carefully and do not trust easily.

    1. Good luck with your resolutions this year! Did you get bullied on You should report the person. I've also received some weird, threatening messages. I just reported it and deleted it. Don't ever reply to those types of messages. Cyber bullies and trolls are just looking for a reaction out of you. May your 2013 be absolutely wonderful! :-)

  3. Good luck on your new year resolutions, and happy new year :)

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    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too! :-) I'll definitely check out your site. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hi Liesl: I really love how you have created your resolutions for the year
    It's simple but very effective. Putting them in a pretty frame so you can see them every day is great....going to steal this idea. I hope 2013 is fantastic for you

    1. You can steal it any time ;-) I did, too! Good luck with your resolutions for 2013, and have a wonderful year!

  5. I have just found a lovely comment you left on my resolutions 2012 whilst reviewing them!!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2013, and that you manage to keep to your resolutions!!!



    1. Thanks, Hannah! Happy 2013 to you and have a spectacular year :-)



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