Saturday, April 27, 2013

INSANITY: Day 36 to 41 (Week 6)

I'm so sore and tired today, that typing this intro is taking so much effort. Now that Month 1 and the Recovery Week are finished, we've officially started Month 2 of INSANITY. I knew it was going to be much harder from what people have told me, but OH MY GOSH, this is just insanity on another level! Shaun T has obviously pulled out the big guns for Month 2 and I'm sore, oh so sore...

Here are my daily updates from Week 6:

Day 36 - Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit (Monday)

Yeah, that's right. Let's do two workouts in one day. Say what?! We decided to do the Fit Test workout during our lunch break today, so that we can have a couple of hours break between the two workouts. That was a good choice, because the Max Interval Circuit workout is one hour long, and it's freakin' hard! We've definitely been taken to another level. I could barely keep up with the workout, and I'm totally exhausted now. BY FAR the hardest workout to date. I wonder if it will get easier...

Day 37 - Max Interval Plyo (Tuesday)

Every single muscle in my body is sore today. Having to do two workouts yesterday really took its toll on my body. I hoped that today's workout would be a little more chill, but alas, it was an hour of pure physical torture. Save our souls!

Day 38 - Max Cardio Conditioning (Wednesday)

I did the workout by myself today, as my co-workers had to attend a meeting. Today was the first day I've really doubted my ability to keep up with these workouts. Month 2's workouts are so long (almost an hour), and I'm already totally spent after 30 minutes. I feel like I can't put in 100% for the last part. I realized that all I can really do is to just keep going, to finish it and to do my best.

Day 39 - Max Recovery (Thursday)

Max "Recovery" my a**. My muscles are still so sore from three days' worth of high interval training, that today's Max Recovery workout didn't really tickle my fancy. It was hard stretching and posing and balancing when my body just didn't want to be pushed further. I'm feeling a little negative about INSANITY at the moment, but maybe it's just because I'm very tired today, mentally and physically.

Day 40 - Max Interval Circtuit (Friday)

I did the workout at home tonight, and decided to have dinner before I started. I knew this workout was going to take it out of me, but luckily I had a lot of energy after having something to eat. Max Interval Circuit is total madness and sometimes I have to laugh because I know I must be looking ridiculous trying to keep up with the exercises. Glad this one is done for the week!

Day 41 - Max Interval Plyo (Saturday)

I don't even know how I motivated myself to exercise today, as I'm completely and utterly spent after this week. I would have liked to sleep in a little longer this morning, but I knew that if I kept procrastinating to do this workout I would regret having to do it in the afternoon. It's over now. My body is protesting this madness and I'm really looking forward to our Rest Day tomorrow. I really really need it.

I have to go hang the laundry right now, but I can barely lift up my arms high enough to type this post. I think only a full body massage can make me feel better right now. I wonder how I can coerce The Boyfriend into giving me one, because I sure as hell don't have the strength to physically force him.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Whow Lysie, is a die mal oefening goed vir jou liggaam? Moenie dit oordoen nie. Geniet jou naweek en rus nou lekker uit. Love u

  2. Wow! I can't believe you didn't quiet yet!!! I would have given up by now.



  3. Great chart and you strictly need to follow this.



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