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I thought it would be fitting to write a detailed report (I'm such a teacher...) of my INSANITYexperience, after updating you guys on my workouts every week for the past 2 months. Every time I talk to someone about doing INSANITYthey usually have the same questions, which I'll answer in this post. Also, check out my Fit Test results, which I'm super proud of, especially if you see where I started and where I finished.


The first thing everyone asks me is; "Did you lose weight?" I know that this is an important aspect for most people and their reason for exercising or doing a crazy workout program like INSANITY but like I said in my very first post, my goal was not to lose weight. I'm naturally slim and I don't think it's even possible for me to lose a lot of weight, unless I drastically cut back on my daily calorie intake, which is not an option for me, as I need lots of energy during the day at work, and, well, I like to eat and snack around the clock.

The most important thing for me was to get fit and toned, and to see whether I could actually do a workout program for 2 months straight. And I did achieve all these things. But, if you must know, on Day 1 of INSANITY I weighed 46.7kg (about 103 pounds), and on Day 63 I weighed 47.3kg (about 104 pounds). My body fat percentage decreased, and I've gained muscle mass, which as we all know weighs more than fat. My clothes definitely fit differently and I've gone down a size in jeans.

Honestly, there's no way in hell your body won't change (for the better) while doing this program; it is impossible. Unless you're sitting on the couch watching the workout DVDs instead of actually doing them. If you are carrying around some extra weight, you will definitely lose some of it, and if you are a lot overweight, you can lose even more.

I really do wish that people would not be so obsessed with weight though. What does it matter what you weigh? It's only a number. It doesn't measure your fitness, or your muscle mass, or how you look, or how you feel. By all means, get your body fat percentage measured, as that's basically the only thing that really counts if you are obsessed with losing weight.


General body changes

My body has changed a lot over these 2 months. First of all, I can feel my core is stronger and it's easier to sit up straight for a long time. My arms and back are more toned and my oblique muscles (the ones on the sides of your tummy) are more defined. My bum is also a lot more toned and so are my thighs and calves.

I wish that my abs would have been more defined, but I guess that's not really going to happen if you like to stuff everything in your face like I do. Overall, I'm very happy with the changes in my body and I like that my clothes fit better.


I haven't been this fit in a very long time. My endurance, strength and stamina has increased so much. I remember how I felt when I did the first Fit Test on Day 1; I was exhausted and couldn't do many repetitions. While doing the Fit Test on Day 63, I felt amazing and I was so proud of myself when I compared my Fit Test results and see how I've improved from Day 1 to Day 63.

My INSANITY Fit Test results

Before/After pics

I know that I told you guys that I'd post some before/after pics after I've finished this program, but I realized they will probably pretty much look the same to most of you if I had to post two pictures next to each other. So I just posted some of my result pics.


My personal Pros and Cons of doing INSANITY

- More toned and fit body
- More energy during the day
- Sleeping better at night
- Healthy exercise routine
- The "high" after a workout
- Bonding with my workout buddies
- Increased fitness and stamina
- Feeling of accomplishment after finishing the 2-month program

- Working out 6 days a week
- Duration of workouts during Month 2 is very long (almost an hour)
- I felt hungry ALL THE TIME
- Having to work out when I didn't feel like it.


Tips for doing INSANITY

Get a workout buddy - I'm so happy that I had my two co-workers doing INSANITY with me. Believe me, you are going to need some motivation on some days, and having that other person there to cheer you on, will make you more likely to do it and get through it. Also, believe it or not, we had fun. You are going to want to talk about the workouts and you will need someone to complain to about how sore your muscles are. A workout buddy is perfect for that, as they are going through the exact same thing as you are.

Drink a lot of water - You have to stay hydrated for your organs to work properly. You will be putting your body through a lot and you will be sweating buckets. 

Take your vitamins - I'm no doctor, so if you want to make sure about this, ask your GP. I took a multi vitamin daily to make sure I'm getting everything I need for my body to perform at its best.

Eat more protein - You will absolutely have to up your protein intake, as your muscles will be working extra hard during this time. I recommend lean meats and fish and snacking on nuts like almonds.

Wear good trainers - I made the mistake of doing two workouts without shoes on (in my house on the carpet) and my ankles paid the price. They were sore for a week after that and working out was pretty painful.

Ladies, get a high impact sports bra - Believe me, you don't want to have "the girls" flying about while exercising. You are going to jump a lot and I promise you that you'll thank me for this tip. It is very damaging to breast tissue if you don't wear a good bra while doing vigorous exercise.

Eat something half an hour before working out - I found that eating something small, for a little bit of extra energy, about half an hour before the workout was best for me. A banana or an apple did the job.

Don't cut back on calories too much - I know that some of you want to cut back on your calorie intake to lose weight, but you are going to burn a lot of extra calories by doing these workouts anyway. Believe me, you are going to need the extra energy. 

Don't slack off - I remember slacking off a couple of times and I really regretted it afterwards. Actually, the hardest part is usually to just get started with your workout when you're not feeling like it, and if you can do that, put in 100% while doing your workout. You'll feel great afterwards if you know that you did your absolute best.

A huge thank you to all my cheerleaders who motivated and encouraged me through these past two months. It was a wild ride, but I don't regret it for a minute. If you've been thinking about doing INSANITY I hope my experience will motivate you to just go on and do it! You will definitely feel better and look better. What have you got to lose? Probably only a few pounds, or twenty...

If you've done INSANITY and have some extra tips to share, or would just like to tell us about your experience, please share. And to those of you who have decided to take on the challenge, just remember to "push!" and "dig deeper!".


  1. Congrats to you on finishing insanity you look amazing :)


    1. Thank you! I feel great. I'm actually starting to miss the workouts and I'm thinking of doing one today after work. :-)

  2. Well done Liesl, I am so very proud of you!! Love u xxx

  3. Oh my I'm so impressed, I was really cutious when you started because I was thinking of doing it too. But it really isn't for me after all :P


  4. I done insanity for two weeks then I quit, I can't bear the soreness afterward :<
    I agree it's kind of hard to do without workout buddy.
    Your body looks awesome! Congrats.

    1. I think I was sore every day for those 2 months that I did Insanity. :-D But I kinda like the feeling... haha!

      A workout buddy is a must! Thanks for your nice comment. xxx

  5. I do not like running. I prefer long walks and it also helps to sleep better. In combination with proper and rational nutrition, you can lose weight. Everyone makes their choice.



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