Saturday, December 7, 2013

FOCUS T25 (Week 6)

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about starting Month 2, Beta Phase. Excited, but nervous. I couldn't help to think back on how different Month 1 of INSANITY was compared to Month 2, and I guess I thought it was going to be the same situation this time  around. 

But, luckily the workouts are still only 25 minutes, and I don't care if they are totally crazy. At least I only have to huff and puff and sweat and swear for 25 minutes a day. I can deal with that!

Actually, I love the Beta Phase so far! The workouts are definitely a challenge, but it's do-able and we enjoy them. (Well, except for all those damn ab routines.) Obviously, Shaun T wants to make double-sure that we have a strong core and toned tummy by the end of this program. 

Here are my updates from Week 6:

Day 36 - Core Cardio (Monday)

It's always tricky to do a new workout, as I had to keep my eyes on the screen to see what to do next. I knew that the Beta Phase workouts were going to be a lot harder than the first months', and I was so right! We were all totally out of breath during this one, but it was not I'm-going-to-kill-myself tough like the workouts from the second month of INSANITY.

Day 37 - Speed 2.0 (Tuesday)

This workout is not called Speed 2.0 for nothing! It is freakin' fast and non-stop! It was a challenge to keep up all the time, but I really enjoyed it, it's a fun, action packed routine with a lot of repetition.

Day 38 - Rip-T Circuit (Wednesday)

I expected much worse from this one, maybe because dumbbells (you can also use a resistance band) were included, which was a little scary to me. But, it ended up being okay and the workout had a lot of similar routines than Alpha Phase's Ab Interval workout. (Which, if you can remember, I'm not that fond of.) I do like using the dumbbells and it wasn't too difficult.

Day 39 - Dynamic Core (Thursday)

Boo for all the ab work! This one was also very reminiscent of Alpha Phase's infamous Ab Interval workout. At least I'm making progress... I think. 

Day 40 - Upper Focus (Friday)

I'm gonna feel this one tomorrow... and maybe the day after that, and the day after that... We did a lot of work with the dumbbells today and my hands are literally shaking right now. It's good though, I like that we are focusing a lot on arms and back in the Beta Phase.

Day 41 - Core Cardio & Stretch (Saturday)

Core Cardio is an awesome workout and one of my faves from FOCUS T25. I got up early to get my workouts in, and it always make me feel great to start off the day like that. P.S. My arms and back are killing me from yesterday's Upper Focus dumbbell torture!

Overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE Beta Phase! Definitely a little more challenging than the first month, but so easy to get through knowing it's only 25 minutes of hard work and giving it my all.

Also, I'm excited to see some abs making their appearance on my tummy! Yay! Thanks to Shaun T and his core cardio crazyness!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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