Saturday, December 14, 2013

FOCUS T25 (Week 7)

FOCUS T25 Week 7 Results
Now that I've finished Week 7 of the Focus T25 workout program, I can really start seeing the results! (Damn, I wish I had taken "Before" photos, as this was absolutely NOT what my tummy looked like before I started...) I'm so excited because I've been working really hard to tone up and be stronger. I think that in the end, my final results might just be better than my INSANITY results. We'll see! 

Here are my daily updates from Week 7:

Day 43 - Dynamic Core (Monday)

I'm still not very familiar with the new workouts and I completely forgot that this one was jam-packed with ab routines. I do feel like my core is much stronger, but some of the ab workouts are just too hard for me. I try to keep up with it, but I'm still struggling.

Day 44 - Core Cardio (Tuesday)

Loved this workout today! I've been so cold today and didn't really want to change into my workout wear. But, once we got started it didn't even take me 3 minutes to warm up and start sweating. I do notice that's it's a lot harder to be motivated to work out in the colder months. How do you motivate yourself? I'm just thinking about next month's summer vacation and our wedding coming up. That's enough to keep me jumping like a crazy person!

Day 45 - Rip-T Circuit (Wednesday)

Flashbacks of last week's ab workout fiasco came screaming back to me today. Man! I just can't do those properly, my body just doesn't want to do funny ab thingies. Ugh!

Day 46 - Upper Focus (Thursday)

Oh yeah, this is the one with lots and lots of dumbbell exercises. I like those though! I worked hard today so I'm expecting really sore muscles tomorrow. We'll see...

Day 47 - Rip-T Circuit (Friday)

I decided to do my workout at home today, and not after work as usual. Bummer, forgot that this one needed dumbbells and I've been leaving mine at work. So I just did the Core Cardio workout instead, which I like a lot. Problem solved!

Day 48 - Speed 2.0 & Stretch (Saturday)

I can't even describe how much I LOVE the Speed 2.0 workout! It's so fast and fun and my favorite part is probably that it doesn't include any floor ab work. Yay! I probably look like a complete lunatic doing this workout (I hope nobody can see into my apartment...), because it really is non-stop-action-packed madness! If I can recommend you to try one workout, it would be this one!

So now there are only 3 weeks of the FOCUS T25 workout left! Even though I originally just planned on doing month 1 and 2, Alpha and Beta, I've decided to take on Gamma as well. So I'll start that some time in January and try to keep at it while we are on vacation in South Africa.

In general, my body is feeling amazing! My clothes fit differently and people have been commenting that I've lost weight, even though my weight has stayed basically the same. Obviously, I've definitely lost body fat and gained muscle. And muscles weighs more than fat. 

I still eat like a monster, just like I did when doing INSANITY, and I drink protein shakes. I try to eat healthier, but I do like to snack and I never pass the chance to eat a packet of chips or order dessert. Who cares? I'm very active, so I can eat whatever I want, right? 

Have a nice weekend, everyone! Talk to you again next week.



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