Saturday, December 21, 2013

FOCUS T25 (Week 8)

This past week was a disaster, healthy-eating and exercise wise. I'm not sure if it's the disgusting cold and rainy weather in Taipei or what, but all I've wanted to eat are chips, baked goods and chocolates. I even had McDonalds, people! (*hangs head in shame) Whatever. YOLO. It's hard for me not to give in to cravings, because I never deny myself a treat. I vow to make healthier choices next week, though! Also, I couldn't exercise on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, so I feel like Week 8 was a total bust. Nothing I could do about that, let's just hope and pray that Week 9 will go much smoother.

Really, how are we at the end of Week 8 already?! It seems like just yesterday that I was so sore after Day 1's workout. Nowadays, I'm not sore after workouts anymore, although I can feel that I've exercised. Two more weeks and we're done with Beta Phase!

Here are my updates from Week 8:

Day 50 - Core Cardio (Monday)

I was relieved to see we had this workout today, because I feel it's the easier one out of the Beta Phase bunch. Damn, I've been so NOT in the mood to exercise today. The weather is gloomy and I'm wearing three layers of clothes. But, this feeling I have after working out is totally worth it!

Day 51 - Upper Focus (Tuesday)

Dumbbell time! For this workout, I feel like my 3kg weights are too heavy for some of the exercises. But I don't want to buy new ones just for this. My workout buddies have been innovative and filled up big milk bottles with water. Maybe I should get myself some of those, too. (Just for the one exercise where the 3kgs are too heavy for me.)

Day 52 - Speed 2.0 (Wednesday)

Even though I worked out by myself today, I had a good time during this one. If Shaun T came out with a workout program that only consisted out of these types of workouts, I'd be all over it! Next week, I'm going to substitute Speed 2.0 for Core Speed though, to see what that one's like. Hopefully I'll like it just as much.

Day 53 - Rip-T Circuit (Thursday)

No workout today, unfortunately. I had to go to the doctor and an exercise routine was just not in the cards for me.

Day 54 - Dynamic Core (Friday)

Still couldn't work out today. This sucks!

Day 55 - Speed 2.0 & Stretch (Saturday)

It's the 3rd day in a row that I couldn't exercise, and this is totally killing me! I always enjoy the Speed 2.0 workout, and I hate that I couldn't do it today. 

We officially have two weeks left of Beta Phase, and I'm super pumped for them! Because of health reasons, Week 8 kinda sucked and I couldn't exercise, which I hate. But, it does motivate me to go in to Week 9 on Monday and give it a 110%.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!



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