Saturday, December 28, 2013

FOCUS T25 (Week 9)

After the Major Fail a.k.a Week 8, I was so motivated to give it my all in Week 9. The weather has been so miserable, which definitely makes it harder to work out. I just have to keep reminding myself that we'll be on our way to summer in South Africa in exactly two weeks, which is a great reason to be in the best shape I can be.

I've been trying to eat healthier, but the colder it gets in Taipei, the more food I want to stuff in my face. Christmas meals didn't help much either on the eating-healthily front. Whatcha gonna do, right! Anywho...

Here are my updates from Week 9:

Day 57 - Rip-T Circuit (Monday)

I felt very motivated to exercise today, after I've not been able to work out since last Wednesday. It felt good to be back at it again, and although I'm not feeling 100% yet, I'm glad I'm back on track.

Day 58 - Dynamic Core (Tuesday)

Ugh! "Core" means ab workouts, and ab workouts means me moaning and groaning for 25 minutes. So that's that.

Day 59 - Core Cardio (Wednesday)

This workout was welcomed with open arms today, as we've all been freezing in the office. Finally we could jump around and get warm. And, working out on Christmas day!? We should be getting extra points for that!

Day 60 - Dynamic Core (Thursday)

Man! This one AGAIN. Hates it. At least I'm finally warm after freezing the whole day.

Day 61 - Upper Focus (Friday)

Today is so cold in Taipei, that we literally couldn't wait for our workout in the afternoon to just be able to warm up. We even did a quick 8-minute Speed 2.0 session in the morning to just get ourselves warmer. Upper Focus does not require that much jumping around, so we opted to do Speed 2.0 instead to warm up our bodies after work.

Day 62 - Speed 2.0 & Stretch (Saturday)

Today I substituted the Speed 2.0 workout with Core Speed, which is an alternative. Oh man, this workout is so fast and I could barely keep up. I liked it, but not more than Speed 2.0. Maybe it will go better next time, as I know the movements know and I wouldn't have to look at the screen as much. I didn't have time to do Stretch, as I got up too late and had lunch plans. Maybe I'll squeeze that one in tomorrow.

On Monday we're heading in to Week 10, which is the last week of Beta Phase. I really can't believe it, these couple of months have just flown by! I'm already looking forward to Gamma Phase, as I'm so ready for a new set of workouts.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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