Monday, April 21, 2014

Decorating Our New Home

The Husband and I recently moved into a new apartment, which had just been renovated. (Originally intended for the landlady's daughter, but she chose to live closer to work. Her loss!). It's a lovely space, with plenty of natural light, big bright rooms, modern finishes, and to top it off, it's smack bang in the middle of Taipei City by a huge park, surrounded by great restaurants, supermarkets and organic/health food stores. Perfection!

The apartment has a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms and a wrap-around balcony. One of my favorite parts of our new place is that it came totally unfurnished. (Our previous apartment was fully furnished when we moved in, so we basically only purchased decorative items while we lived there for 4 years.) Show me a female on this planet that wouldn't be jumping up and down at the prospect of furnishing and decorating a place from scratch! Or was it just me!?

We knew we needed a game plan, because all we had was one double bed mattress and a futon. So, we started off with some of the basics (lots of trips to IKEA) and decided to take some time on choosing decor and color schemes. Also, we had to save up some dough for this endeavor. I mean, we are furnishing this whole place from scratch; not exactly a cheap aspiration.

We still have a looooong list of things we need, and then we'll start with the details. Thanks to my trusty Pinterest "For the Home" board, I now have a massive collection of ideas and inspiration to choose from. We (of course, when I say "we", I mean "I" and The Husband was shown pictures of my decisions...) kind of have an idea for color schemes and specific pieces that we want.

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I'm not really sure how long it will take us to finish everything, as this is an ongoing process. But I'm enjoying every second of it; the hours spent browsing on Pinterest, finding unique things on Etsy and of course the numerous trips to home stores with The Husband.

I'm going to share this huge undertaking here with all of you as we go along, so stay tuned for decorating updates, which will also include "before" pics. 

Have you recently furnished/decorated your place, or have any decorating tips and tricks up your sleeve, please tell me about it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Good luck with the decorating saga, Liesl! :) I'm sure your new home will be beautiful! ^_^

  2. Good luck! Decorating can be simultaneously amazing and mildly overwhelming (at least for me!). With our place we've furnished / decorated it with a mix of new items and thrifted/updated ones. So far it's coming along. My favorite thing so far has been designing a gallery style (collage) wall panel. It has 24 pieces of art/mirrors/plates etc that make a unique little gallery on our wall. It was so fun to figure out and we get so many compliments! I also did a fun frame with a chalk board painted middle to hang above our bar cart that I wrote 'cheers!' on and it kind of ties that area together. We also love to frame old record albums on our strange sized walls. So I guess just go with things you like and your own style will sort of piece itself together. :) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Your gallery wall sounds great! I would love to do something like that, but the challenge for me would be to not make it too girly. haha! Also, I don't want to mess up the wall as we don't own the place. Thanks for your message :-)

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