Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Favorite Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collections

I always say that I feel a little naked when I'm not wearing nail polish, and that's why you'll rarely catch me without a layer of lacquer on my fingers. But, believe it or not, I've barely been wearing any nail polish for the past 2 months. "Why, Liesl? Why?", you may be asking. 

After our wedding I decided to give my nails a break from pretty polishes, especially after getting a gel French manicure for the Big Day, which as you know, can wreak havoc on your nails. 

Well, fast forward two months to today, and I finally decided that it's time to spring-ify (yes, I know that's not a word. But it should be...) my nails by getting some of the recently released nail polishes for spring and summer. And, looking at the new collections I'm so impressed. It is not normal for one to be so excited about nail polish, is it? ...

Here are my favorite collections for spring and summer this year:

ESSIE "Hide and Go Chic" Collection

Left to Right: hide and go chic, fashion playground, style hunter, truth or flare, spin the bottle, romper room

ESSIE definitely got it right this year! I'd wear all these shades during spring and summer, except for "hide and go chic", it's not really my cup of tea.

OPI "Brazil" Collection

Top - Left to Right: Red Hot Rio, The Bikini Zone,  Toucan Do It if you Try, I Just Can't Cope-Acabana, AmazON AmazOFF, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Bottom - Left to Right: Scores a Goal!, Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, I Sao Paulo Over There, Where did Suzi's Man-go, Taupe-less Beach, Live.Love.Carnival

Lots of darker shades in this collection from OPI, which is strange for a spring and summer collection. But, the more vibrant shades do make up for it! This is not my favorite collection out of the bunch, I feel like I've seen all of these polishes in their collections before.

BUTTER LONDON "Boho Rock" Collection

Left to Right: Trifle, Lucy in the Sky, Keen, Goss, Lushington, Trallop

Oh, BUTTER LONDON, what happened here? I only included this collection because I LOVE the shade "Keen". The rest is really not that interesting to me.

TANYA BURR Lips & Nails Collection

Top - Left to Right: Be Bright Be Happy Be You, Riding Hood, Little Duck, Midnight Sparkles, Mini Marshmallows
Bottom - Left to Right: Mischief Managed, New York Night, Peaches & Cream, Penguin Chic, Bright & Early

Many of you will know TANYA BURR, the lovely British YouTube beauty guru. She recently released her first line of nail polish and lip products, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm obsessed with most of these polishes, and I think this would be such a great gift, as most of these colors are classics and will serve you well for years.

TOM FORD Spring 2014 Collection

Left to Right: Indiscretion, Incandescent, Coral Beach, Sugar Dune

I'm crazy about all of these, except for "Incandescent". (You've probably noticed I'm not a huge fan of the metallics.)

DIOR Spring 2014 Nail Polish Collection

Left to Right: Porcelaine, Bouquet, Bloom, Perle

Good job, DIOR! In my opinion, these shades are spot-on for spring and summer this year. I especially love "Bouquet" and can't wait to get my hands on it.

CHANEL Spring 2014 Nail Polish Collection

Left to Right: Ballerina, Charivari, Tapage

I wouldn't have put "Charivari" in this collection, CHANEL (although it would be PERFECT for fall and winter). But I do love the classic, "Ballerina", and you can never go wrong with a good red. All year round!

DEBORAH LIPPMANN "Reveries" Collection

Left to Right: Tip Toe through the Tulips, Spring Buds, La Vie En Rose, Flowers in her Hair, Build Me a Buttercup, Blue Orchid

This collection immediately made me think of ESTEE LAUDER's spring nail polish collection from last year. But, you can never have too many pastel polishes, so I'm not complaining. These colors are so fun, and I'm definitely gravitating towards "Blue Orchid".

CIATE "Dolls' House" Collection

Left to Right: Poppet, Doll Face, Paper Doll, Baby Doll, Sweet Pea

CIATE has become one of my favorite nail polish brands in the past couple of years. And how pretty are these shades for spring!? I'm not sure about "Paper Doll" though, I've never been a huge fan of white on my nails. The rest; swoon!

Out of all of these, of course I'm going to have my absolute faves:

I would love to know which ones are your favorites! 


  1. Oooh that butter london collection! Swoon! :) I also love the OPI Brazil one. Really eyeing that teal, lavender and peachy orange. So fun! That sunshine award will get posted soon, I promise :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I'm not too fond of the Butter London collection, probably because of the metallics and lack of brights and pastels. Haha! But it would be nice for autumn I think. I do like those brights from the OPI collection! :-) Have a nice day, girl!

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