Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesdays with Toby: My Daily Routine

Woof! Hello there humans of the internet. Mamma asked me to tell all her lovely friends here on the computer what my typical day is like. I'm not sure why, but I also don't ask too many questions and try my best to do everything she says, because she has access to that delicious chicken in the refrigerator... *drooling over the keyboard*

I start my day off in Mamma and Daddy's bedroom. (My friends at the park say I'm lucky because I get to sleep in a soft bed next to their bed at night.) I tried my very best to get on their bed a few times, but they weren't having it. I'm not sure why they don't want me, the cuddliest and cutest dog in the world, not to sleep with them on their bed?! I assume it's because Daddy is so tall and takes up most of the bed already. It's not that they don't want me there, there's just no space for me.

Mamma goes to work very very early. (I'm not sure what she does, but I know that it involves lots of little humans, and that's why she's so tired at the end of the day.) She's out of the house by 6:30 am, way too early for me to be bothered to get up from my cozy bed, so I just give her a kiss goodbye and close my eyes again until Daddy wakes up at a more reasonable hour. I have my breakfast and then I get to go on a long walk in the park. I love the park! There are so many things to smell and see and hear. I've also made plenty of friends. Although, I'm still quite weary of other doggies. (In this day and age, you just can't trust any old dog that crosses your path. Especially not that little white curly-haired gremlin that keeps trying to get jiggy with me...)

I get to spend the whole morning and early afternoon with Daddy. After breakfast and my walk, I like to hang out around the house with him, chew my bone, play with my toys, drink water, and nap. I also like to follow Daddy around until he goes to work, which is my least favorite time of the day. I have to cry and bark for a little bit so that he knows how much I'll miss him. But, this is also the time of day I get my KONG filled with chicken and treats. It's so delicious that I totally forget I'm alone for a few hours, and Daddy says it keeps me busy and out of trouble. I also have plenty of toys to play with. (The dog bones are my favorites!)

I'm not gonna lie to you lovely people, I'm a little lazy. I like to take it easy and sleep around the clock, so the time passes quickly until Mamma gets home. When I first came home with Mamma and Daddy, I used to bark and cry when she got back from work, but I quickly realized that she doesn't give me any attention when I'm making so much noise, so now I only greet her with a wagging tale and a slobbery kiss. She seems to like that because she'll talk to me in funny voices and give me the best hugs. 

After a while of doggy kisses and cuddles, I will have dinner. Sometimes I'm not that hungry yet, so I wait for a while before digging in. But I know I have to finish my dinner first before I can go on an adventure to the park again. After eating, I'll go wait by the front door for Mamma to put my leash on. 

Mamma taught me how to walk next to her, because in the beginning I thought it was okay to pull her in all directions and chase after every interesting sound and smell. Apparently, that's not okay. Most of the time, Mamma says I walk perfectly (just like Uncle Cesar showed her on that video she watched), but sometimes I'm feeling a little mischievous and try to pull her to go faster. She doesn't like that, and makes me sit and calm down before we can go on. I get too excited, she says.

After we get back from our walk, Mamma and I like to spend some quality time together. She'll ask me to do things and then she'll give me yummy treats when I do them. I can sit and lie down when she asks me to, but I'm not totally sure about staying yet, especially when she leaves the room. Will she come back!? I'm just not sure, so for now I'll just follow her.

When Mamma is doing things around the house, I'll follow her just to make sure she doesn't leave, but sometimes I'm confident she's not going anywhere (especially after she puts on her pj's and those frog slippers I want to, but are not allowed to, play with). Then I'll go and lie down on my favorite spot in the living room and chew on a bone.

Sometimes Mamma will bring out this magical device that she brushes me with. It feels so good, and Mamma thinks it's funny how much I love it. Not only does it feel great, I know I look pretty cute afterwards, too. (Well, that's what most humans say, anyway.)

When Mamma goes to bed I'll lie down in their bedroom for a bit to make sure she's okay, and sometimes I'll nod off, too. Daddy gets home very late, but I kinda like that because it means extra cuddles for me before bedtime. (And, boy, do I love to cuddle.) They say I'm a very good boy for being so calm and quiet during the night. I try my best! But sometimes I have to wake them up if I need to go number one or two. After all, I'm still a pup and can't hold it in for too long. After that, I happily drift off into doggy dream land until the next day.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my daily life. Maybe it's not that exciting to you, but to me it's everything. Mamma says that I can talk to you guys here on some Tuesdays and tell you more about my adventures, so I hope you'll come back to check it out! Woof!



  1. Aawwww :) Toby, you have a wonderful mommy and daddy and it was fun to read your thoughts ;) <3

    1. Hey Katjusa! Toby says hi and thank you for your comment. He can't come to the computer right now because he is totally occupied by the bone I gave him earlier. Have a nice week! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Toby worked really hard on it ;-)

  3. He is a real darling and I cant wait to meet him. I'm his grandmother after all. He looks so much like his big sister, just more peachy and much smaller. Love u Toby be good to your Mommy and Daddy and tell them Nanna is going to spoil you rotten. ❤️❤️❤️



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