Thursday, October 13, 2011

What the duck?

Exhibit A

I wish I had a legitimate excuse for these photos, I really do. The infamous duck face photos. I found that it's only been around in recent times though, because I’ve never seen an image of my grandma or mom in college, making the duck face. (Thankfully!) Although, picturing that makes me giggle.

So what caused this phenomenon? Why on earth would we girls (and unfortunately some guys, too) make this face? It looks absolutely ridiculous. I often chuckle when I see a duck face staring back at me from Facebook, and I hang my head in shame for having participated in this madness myself, quite a few times (please refer to Exhibit A). Actually, I am appalled by the amount of photos there are of me, sporting the duck face. In my defense, I can say that most of these photos were taken two or more years ago. (Like that’s an excuse, right?)

My friends and I have discussed this topic numerous times, and I came up with some possible reasons why people make this face:
Reason 1: We think it makes us look sexy. (Unfortunately, it really doesn’t…)
Reason 2: Sometimes we drink a lot and it’s the only face we are able to make. (Fail!)
Reason 3: We think it makes our lips look fuller and pouty, just like Angelina Jolie’s. (Delusional much?)

Now come on, be honest, I know you have photos like these, too. Maybe yours are hidden away in the back of a drawer or, rightfully, burned? Maybe you display yours oh-so-proudly on Facebook like I do?

So what was your, maybe even acceptable, reasons for making the duck face? Can you think of any? Yeah, didn’t think so. 


  1. I've never heard it called the duck face! That really makes me laugh. :)

  2. I'm totally guilty! Mostly just during my uni years. I think I thought it made my cheekbones look good. haha. I'm kicking myself for it now!

  3. Lauren, I know! College years were the worst duckface-wise. Let's never do that again! LOL

  4. lol I love your reasons for duck face. All very true!

  5. I watched an episode of Top Model where they said that this makes your cheekbones pop out. lol but that answer might relate to reason 1 in your blog.

  6. I definitely am guilty of this as well! You're beautiful though!! No worries :)

    Btw, I nominated you for a blogging award. Check out the post here:

    -Kristen :)

  7. Kristen, thanks for the nomination, I'm flattered! I really love your blog and will definitely visit it regularly. Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  8. Guilty. Though sometimes I do it because I know it looks silly. Other times... i have no excuse.

  9. As a long-time offender, I've given up on this face. It actually took a concerted effort, but after looking like an asshole in most drunk photos I've learned to control it. At least you look cute when you do it! Drunk, but cute! And that's really cool that you live in Taipei. I live in Japan, and I've always wanted to visit Taipei. Do you get stared at a lot cause you're a blonde though??

  10. You should definitely visit Taiwan when you get the opportunity! And yes, I do get stared at because of my blonde hair. I've kind of gotten used to it now, but it's still very uncomfortable and awkward when someone stares at you for 5 minutes straight without looking away. I'm sure you get that, too?

  11. I love this! I definitely did this a lot in my early college days, and my bofriend (now husband) would give me so much crap for it. At the time I was like "What? Everyone does this!" But now I definitely see what he was talking about... it's not a cute look!

  12. I always feel awkward making this face, so I've only done it when being completely silly.. I have no proof of it anywhere, either.

    It's a phenomenon that I don't really understand, either, but most girls seem to be guilty of it!



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