Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 48 - A picture of your favorite actress

No way I can choose just one. There are quite a few actresses that I love, not just because they're gorgeous, but also because they can truly act. Sometimes I'll just watch a movie because they're in it, not because I have any clue what it's about.
I've always adored Scarlett Johansson, I think she's an amazing actress. She's around my age, but I always get the feeling that she is just so much more mature than me. She did lose a few points after divorcing Ryan Reynolds. I mean, who divorces Ryan Reynolds!?
Zooey Deschanel has become one of my favorite actresses after I watched Yes Man, also starring Jim Carrey. Even though I probably fell in love with her character more than her, she's playing a similar character in the TV show, New Girl. Quirky and cute is how I'd describe her.
Last, but not least, is Natalie Portman. She obviously needs no introduction. I really don't know anyone who doesn't like her.  Well, maybe people that are jealous of her. She's one of the few child actors that actually made it to their twenties without a drug overdose or landing in jail. Wasn't she amazing in Black Swan?

Who's your favorite actress or actor, and why?


  1. we have the same favorites!

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