Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dumplings or diapers?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I've been contributing as a weekly columnist on's "Life After College" section.

This week's article is about all the life changing decisions you have to make after graduating from college. My first big decision was whether I would stay in South Africa to be a teacher, or move to Asia to teach English. Read the article, Dumplings or diapers, and please rate, "Like" and share it!

Don't forget to check out the other "Life After College" articles, too! What has been the biggest, life changing decision you've had to make after leaving college?

If you'd like to share your story of what life after college has been like for you, you can email's editor, Michael Soll ( for the opportunity to be a guest contributor.



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