Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Favorites 2012

Hey, it's already the end of May? I can't even begin to explain what a busy month this has been for me. Work has been hectic, I've been trying to post more often on my blog, and I've been contributing to LA Family magazine on a weekly basis. Don't even get me started on how much time I've been spending getting all my documents ready to apply for visas for our summer vacation... and also working out to look good on that summer vacation. Enough ranting...

Even though I've been very busy, I did make some time for shopping. I'll always make time for that! Here are some of my favorite things for this month:

1. H&M dress
My lovely sister bought me this cute powder pink dress at H&M in Dubai and shipped it over to Taiwan. I love it so much, it's so girly! Unfortunately, it's a tad too big for me, so she's going to send me a smaller one. It seems that the dress is not available online anymore, but I'm sure you'll still be able to find it in stores.

2. Accessorize clutch
I'm a bag fan of Accessorize's bags and clutches. I've had my eye on this nude clutch for a while, and when I finally decided to just get it, I got a 10% discount. Yay!

3. Miu Miu pumps
I've been looking everywhere for the perfect pair of nude pumps. (The Boyfriend got dragged along to almost twenty different stores... bless his heart.) I never knew how uncomfortable platform pumps were, and could barely walk in the ones I tried on at Steve Madden and Nine West. Then, I finally found the perfect pair of nude leather pumps! And... I can actually walk in them! Bonus.

4. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
There's been a lot of hype about this product online, and it FINALLY arrived in Taiwan. The color selection here isn't that great, but I absolutely love it in the color, Berry Smoothie. I'm hoping they'll expand on the collection available in Taiwan, because I really want to try some of the other colors.

5. Revlon Top Speed nail polish
These nail polishes are way underrated. I was attracted to it, not only because it claims to dry really fast (and it does!), but because of the awesome color selection available. I've really been loving it in the color, Peachy. (Which is very similar to Essie's Peach Dacquiri, which I'm a big fan of.) I also have it in the colors Jaded and Jelly.

6. EOS Lip Balm
After taking a break from the EOS lip balms for a while, I bought the pink one, Strawberry Sorbet, this month and have been loving it!

What are your favorites for the month of May?


  1. I'm not digging the dress as much as I LOVE the nail polish color and those shoes!!!

    1. This nail polish color is one of my favorites for summer! And the shoes will just go with almost everything :-)

  2. Love the shoes! Did you get them in Taiwan? Good for you!

  3. The shoes, beautiful, they look like my wedding shoes, 37 years ago. The dress is very pretty, Hope u can get the smaller size. Xxxx

    1. I just love these shoes, they are extremely comfortable and I'll be able to wear it with many different outfits. I really like the dress, too. Hope I can get a smaller size. Love you, Mamma!

  4. You have a really pretty blog Liesl!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  5. omg, the revlon lip butters are my favourite! berry smoothie is definitely one of my favourites I own! eos lip balms are so awesome too! I love sweet mint and lemon!

    -ariel* xoxo

  6. Cute and classy, incorporating the colours of the season. Very chic :)

  7. ohhh I bought my first EOS lipbalm and I love it! And can't wait to try out Revlon lip butters.. not sure if they are on sale here yet in the UK! now following your blog! xo



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