Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving In: Living with The Boyfriend

I just realized that this is already my sixth article for LA Family magazine. I must say, this has been a wonderful learning experience for me. That being said, sadly I will take a break from writing for the Life After College  section for a while, as I have too much on my plate right now and a girl can only do so much.

My article this week is about how The Boyfriend and I ended up moving in together, and, gasp!, we're not married yet. Although, we've been in a committed relationship for three years, and that's pretty much the same thing in my opinion.

Read the article, Moving In, and tell me what your thoughts are about moving in together with your significant other before marriage. Yay or nay?


  1. It's great that you can live together now!
    Being married doesn't actually bring a huge dramatic change to the relationship, in my opinion...people build up way too much tension and silly fear.
    I do think living together before marriage is a good idea because, no matter how long you've been with someone, you'll see new behaviors and discover things you didn't know. I believe that more marriage problems come from people who didn't live together first.

    1. I agree! It's like a test run, without it ending in divorce if it doesn't work out. :-D

  2. I've lived with my boyfriend for 7 years now (and been together for 8)!
    It never even crossed our minds to get married first.

    I think marrying someone, making that kind of commitment, without having lived together is madness!

    Technically we are engaged, but we keep spending our wedding fund on vacations, so who knows, we might just carry on living in sin for the rest of our lives ;)
    I don't really see the difference.

    1. I know. We already made our commitment to each other. Our wedding one day will just be a formality. :-)

  3. Super agree. Was in long distance relationship for four years. And a lot of things was clouding our judgement towards each other.

    Distance does matter. It made sense how living together can solve few problems.
    I would personally recommended living together but too bad it's uncommon in our culture , the next best thing I could do was to quit my job and move in to same city

    I wish someday living together will be common in my country:) *pray*


    1. It's also not common in my culture, as I was brought up in a Christian family, which is why I thought my parents wouldn't like the idea.

      But I know I'm going to marry this guy one day. If I wasn't sure, then I wouldn't have moved in with him.



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