Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 80 – A picture of something yellow

My mom always tells me that I can't wear yellow. She's right, of course, as always. It just doesn't compliment my skin tone. That said, I purchased this pair of yellow cut off denim shorts a couple of weeks ago. I figured that it's summer, my legs are more tan, and so it definitely doesn't look bad.

This is, however, the only yellow item of clothing that I own, Mom! I promise. I've really been loving the bright and pastel denim trends this year, so when I was walking down the street and spotted this pair, I just had to have it. And for about $10, it was a freakin' steal!

I now own a pair of yellow, mint green, pastel purple and peach colored cut off denim shorts. Obsessed much? Yes! I'm definitely taking all of them with me on my summer vacation; they'll be perfect.

Do you have anything yellow in your closet?



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