Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 81 – A picture of a place you went today

Oops, I didn't post a photo yesterday. Please forgive me. It was Sunday and I was just way too lazy to do anything more than eat and nap.

So this is a photo of my office at work. As you can see, there are six seats, but no people in them. Everyone's already on their summer breaks, but I'm only leaving this coming weekend. So I have the office to myself, and I'm busy preparing for next semester.

Not that exciting, but this is where I'll be spending most of my day, and then I'll run some errands and go back home.

Did you go, or are you going, somewhere interesting today?


  1. What a sweet little working space...and clean looks so tidy!

    1. We keep it pretty clean and tidy in here. With six people working together in a small space, it can get a little crazy in very little time. ;-)



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