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GUEST BLOGGER: How to put your window shopping to good use

How to put your window shopping to good use

Window shopping can be a great way to kill some time looking at clothes that you won’t, or probably shouldn’t, buy. Doing so can be a great way to enjoy the feel of being close to great clothes, even if you’re not necessarily going to pick anything up. The same can be said for any other kind of window shopping, where the pleasure comes as much as from thinking that you could pick up something, if money wasn’t an object.

However, there are some ways in which you can put your window shopping to good use, from getting an idea of a market, through to destressing, and getting some fashion inspiration for your own DIY projects. At the same time, it’s possible to window shop through online browsing, which itself has some positive benefits.

Get an Idea of the Market

One of the best ways in which you can make use of window shopping is to get a strong idea of the market for different items, whether that means checking prices, sizes, or trends. By doing so, it’s possible to compare a range of different shops, while identifying some bargains, as well as knowing which shop is likely to have the right kind of items that you need to return for. At the same time, getting an idea of what’s out there can mean that you have a more realistic sense of what an item looks like outside of a catalogue or a website.

Look for Others

You don’t necessarily have to window shop for yourself, but can look around for future presents. This can be an excellent way of planning birthday or Christmas shopping, whereby you can draw up lists of items that might be useful gifts, as well as identifying sales, and trends that can be recommended to friends and family. At the very least, window shopping with others in mind reduces the risk of making an impulse buy for yourself.

Window Shop to Destress

Window shopping acts as an excellent way to destress. By taking a break to do some virtual shopping, you can experience the indulgence of imagining what clothes will be like without necessarily having to part with your cash or credit card. Window shopping is also a great way to get together with friends for a day of wandering around local shops, and allows you to commiserate with others about being able to look, but not always buy what you want.

Getting Inspiration

Going window shopping can be a good way to develop your own DIY fashion ideas for making at home. You can look at patterns, fabrics, and other materials, and can think about how you would incorporate these into your own sewing or clothes making. Sketches and photographs can also be taken of window items as a record of what you’ve seen. However, be careful not to linger too long at a window taking pictures, as you might end up being told off by an angry shop assistant.

Online Window Shopping

While you don’t necessarily look at windows in the same way online, you can still have the basic pleasure of checking out items across different sites. One of the best ways to make more of this browsing is to download pictures of items, and add them to Pinterest lookbooks, or blog about them, while creating wish lists as subtle hints to anyone that wants to treat you to a new outfit. Doing so can also mean that you feel less guilty about hanging around in front of shops.

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  1. I've found window-shopping to be useful, especially at clothing stores, where the size I need can vary a lot depending on the store and brand of clothing. Sometimes I try on clothes without intending to buy them so I will know what size I need when I come back.



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