Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: Things I love about living with The Boyfriend

Just the other day, I realized that The Boyfriend and I have been living together now for two and a half years already. I tried to imagine what it would have been like if we got separate apartments when we moved to Taipei City, and it made me feel very sad, because I absolutely love living with him!

As I haven't made a "Top 10 Tuesday" list in a while, I thought I'd share the Top 10 Things I love most about living with The Boyfriend.

1. He gave me 3/4 of the closet
And by that I mean that I took 3/4 of the closet with minimal protest from him. Sometimes he'll joke about my clothes migrating to his part of the closet, but we both know it's actually my closet, and he just gets to keep his clothes in there.

2. He catches, kills and disposes of creepy-crawlies
... and the most important thing, he knows how much I hate them, so he never chases me with it.

3. I get to have a sleepover at my best friend's every night
We can stay up watching movies, playing Wii, cooking or just talking. Even on a school night.

4. He takes out the trash
The one household chore I absolutely hate, is taking out the trash. So The Boyfriend offered to do it. Which means he has to rush home after work to catch the garbage truck at 22:30. I love him!

5. He lets me decorate the apartment
... and pays for half of it.

6. He makes me feel safe
Having a strong man in the apartment every night, eliminates any scary thoughts I might have of someone coming into our place and hurting us. 

7. He takes care of me when I spend all my money
Hi, my name is Liesl and I have no self control when it comes to my salary. Yes, that happens. He will give me a little crap about it, but will not think twice about feeding me for the rest of the month.

8. No matter what happens, we go home together and deal with it
If we're out and have an argument, we have no choice but to go home together, which usually forces us to talk about it and deal with it that same day.

9. There will be no surprises when we get married
After living together for two and a half years, I can confidently say that I'd be able to happily live with this man for the rest of my life.

10. He does his part of our household chores without complaining
... and he'll even do mine sometimes, just because he's so damn nice.

Do you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend? What do you love most about it?


  1. I especially love what you wrote for #3.

    My husband and I lived together for five months before getting married. I think it was a great decision. Everyone has those little things that they do and ways they act at home, which you never see until you live with them. I think more marriages would work out if living together first (regardless of whether you are having sex) would become more acceptable.

  2. Those are definite perks! I'm glad you get to live with your best friend!

  3. You're so lucky to have such boyfriend! :)

  4. #2 haha! Lately I've been thinking whether it would be a good idea if my boyfriend lived with me. I'm not sure but this post makes me want to even more.

    1. If you know you're gonna spend the rest of your life with him, then why not? ;-)

  5. I like having something or SOMEONE to look forward to at the end of a crazy work day! I also like feeling like a team and knowing I have someone I can count on no matter what. Can't forget the snuggles! :)

    1. Love all of the above! And that he's the first and last person I see every day :-)

  6. Haha I've been living with my boyfriend for about a year now, we're still trying to work out the dynamics, but it's a lot of fun.

    You two sound like you've got it all worked out :)


    1. Yes, I think we do. It helps that we work opposite schedules, which means we both get enough alone time at the apartment. :-)

  7. And Mama loves him to....he is a keeper!!!!!!!

  8. 2 years ago I moved over 300 miles to set up a new life with my boyfriend and it's the best thing I've ever done. Living together and getting through the good times and the niggly moments together, cemented our relationship and after 6 months of ironing out the creases we got engaged. We've now been married for just over 6 months and loving every moment - I couldn't be happier, and hopefully neither could he! Totally agree with point #4 - that will be my husbands chore for life now! haha

  9. Wow - sounds like you have the perfect man and the perfect relationship! Not gonna lie - am rather jealous!!! Sometimes being single sucks :( But, I guess you just have to wait for the right time and the right man to come along... And hopefully in the future I can have a relationship just like the one described above :)

    1. We're not perfect, but we're perfect for each other. haha! Cheezeball! Don't worry too much about meeting someone. When the time and the place is right, it will happen. :-)

  10. Aww that is so very sweet!
    I loved #7 because I have no control over my money too. Damn online shopping sites :(

  11. Liesl! I absolutely love this post. There's so much to catch up on-I'm pretty sure I haven't seen your gorgeous face for over a year at least! One thing I just have to spill now though, is that I can finally related to this! My boyfriend and I moved in together 4 months ago and finally I'm not regretting it. I love #7 (haha you're def not alone) and #8! Once we were both out and got in a fight so I was about to jump into a cab to go home, but he reminded me that we only took one set of keys, and he had them. DOH!!! No choice but to make up. Love you, great writing xx

    1. Thanks, girl! I can't believe it's been so long so we hung out!?! Damn! Let's plan a double-date after CNY? Miss you! Have a wonderful vacation! <3



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