Monday, December 3, 2012

Capturing December: Day 1 to 3

It's December Photo-a-Day Challenge time! At first I was thinking of posting the photos on my blog daily, but then I decided it would be easier to wait a few days to post some pics.

I do, however, post the pics daily on my Twitter and Instagram, so you can check them out on there. If you're feeling up for the challenge as well, it's not too late to join, and don't forget to add the hashtag #ACHdecember to your pictures.

Okay, so here we go with the photos for day 1 to 3:

December 1st - Your view today

On Saturday morning I had a wisdom tooth extracted and afterwards I had no other plan than to veg out in front of the TV for the entire day. The rainy weather and my comfy knitted blanket provided the perfect atmosphere for a day filled with New Girl, How I met your Mother and Australia's Next Top Model.

December 2nd - Favorite holiday movie 

Can you believe that this movie was released 22 years ago!? I've always been a huge fan of Home Alone and watch it every year during the holidays. This is my favorite Christmas movie and the sequel to this one, where he was in New York, is a close second.

December 3rd - Red

This is one of the Christmas sweaters that I bought last year...and... it's red! Perfect for today's picture. I haven't worn it yet this year, because obviously a Christmas sweater with reindeer on it might be frowned upon outside the month of December (but then again, I do live in Asia, so maybe not...). Anyway, I decided to wear it again today for the occasion, and also, now that it's around Christmas time, it's once again acceptable for me to flaunt the reindeer.

I'll be back with some more December-themed pics in a few days, so stay tuned!


  1. I really like that sweater!
    "Home Alone" is one of my favorite holiday movies. And "Home Alone 2". I don't care for the sequels that came out afterward.



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