Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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How to Work the Checkout Line to Your Advantage

Rising inflation coupled with the worst economy in a generation has led to a serious decrease in the purchasing power of many Americans. The cost of many goods has gone up while the value of our earnings has decreased. This is leading to a great deal of hardship throughout the entire country. One way to avoid the rising cost of living is to work the checkout line at the grocery store to your advantage. There are a number of strategies you can employ to ease the pain on your pocketbook at the grocery store. These methods include couponing, purchasing sale items in bulk and taking advantage of holiday discounts. The following article will help you to get the most bang for your buck at the checkout counter.

Using Couponing To Your Advantage

Effective couponing takes much more than perusing the Sunday papers for the best deals. In order to make sure you are efficiently using your coupons you should take a few things into account before doing your grocery shopping. First find out if a coupon is stackable. If a coupon can be used multiple times on the same purchase, or multiple times for the same item you can greatly increase your savings. Next, see if the coupon is for one specific item or for a category of items from a particular manufacturer- often times you can use coupons for items other than the ones pictured or mentioned in the main text of the coupon.

Purchase Sale Items in Bulk

Once you have your coupons set up you should consider buying any non-perishables that are discounted in bulk. Items like toilet paper and deodorant do not go bad, and if you find a great deal it is prudent to stock up long in advance to make sure you continue to receive savings on that item over the long term. Grocery stores will often cycle the discounts or coupons for particular items and if you are able to take advantage of when something is on sale you won't have to purchase it later on at normal price.

Watch Out For Post Holiday Discounts

Certain seasons and holidays can mean big discounts on holiday related items. For example, if you are a fan of turkey you can purchase it at a steep discount around Thanksgiving. If you have a large freezer at home you can purchase a years worth of turkey at rock bottom prices and store it for use over the entire year. The same goes for things like candy around Halloween, BBQ supplies around the Fourth of July, etc. If you buy smart and have the ability to store goods you can get awesome deals around the holidays.

Working the checkout line to your advantage is not rocket science. Simply keep your eye out for good discounts and pounce on them when they come around. If you follow these simple strategies you can stretch your food and grocery budget as far as possible while still purchasing quality, desirable food and groceries.

About the author:
Katrina is a personal shopping assistant for busy executives. She enjoys sharing her savings tips and insights on various shopping blogs. Visit for more information on shopping 


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