Thursday, December 27, 2012

Capturing December: Day 23 to 26

I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted after all the Christmas festivities. This year I attended six Holiday events, and had to work on Christmas day as well. Luckily we have a 4-day weekend coming up here in Taiwan, and I can't wait to just do absolutely nothing.

Here are my latest photos for the Capturing December photo challenge. (You can catch my updates on Instagram and Twitter every day.)

Day 23 - Scarf

The scarf in the picture is one of my latest purchases. I love these colors for winter and wore it here with a navy blue blazer. Also, my nails somewhat matched the color in the scarf. Not intended, but pretty cool I guess.

Day 24 - Favorite part of Christmas Eve

Ever since I can remember, my family has always opened presents on Christmas Eve. We'd have dinner at around 8 pm, and all the kids would rush the adults to finish their Christmas pudding so that we can start opening presents. This year, The Boyfriend and I only ended opening our gifts at 11 pm on the 25th. We just didn't have time to settle down and open presents before that.

Day 25 - Morning

I can't tell you how much it sucked going to work on Christmas morning. Obviously, Christmas is not a Holiday in Asia and most of us had to punch the clock as usual. I was able to leave a little earlier though and went to two Christmas parties after.

Day 26 - Grateful

Even though we are far away from our families and missed them very much during the Holidays, I'm very grateful that The Boyfriend and I could share our third Christmas together.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! What's your favorite part of Christmas Eve?


  1. Doing nothing sounds great to me, too! I get sick of all the holiday obligations and errands.

    1. I know! There's just too much going on. I just need to put my feed up and watch some good movies.

  2. what nail polish do you have on in the first pictue?


    1. It's OPI's Miami Beet :-)

  3. I am not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic. You are truly well-informed. I cant believe how much of this I just was not aware of.

  4. Nice post and please keep posting like this.



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