Saturday, April 20, 2013

INSANITY: Day 29 to 34 (Week 5)

5 weeks done, 4 to go! I wish I can say that it's all downhill from here, but even though we've officially surpassed the halfway mark, I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be a breeze from here on out. According to my friends that have finished the INSANITY program, the second month is way harder than the first. Give me strength...

This week was called "Recovery Week", although I don't think I recovered from anything... It was nice doing a new workout, but we had to do the same one, Core Cardio & Balance, for 6 days in a row, which was kind of a bummer. By Thursday, I was ready for something else. But, although we did the same workout the entire week, each day was different in a way. Here are my updates for Week 5:

Day 29 - Core Cardio & Balance (Monday)

It was weird doing a new workout, since we've been doing the same set of workouts for the past month. I had that same feeling of not knowing what's gonna come next, and having to watch the screen most of the time to see how to do all the movements. Also, this workout was harder than I expected. Nothing "Recovery" about it...

Day 30 - Core Cardio & Balance (Tuesday)

Today was a little easier than yesterday. I knew what to expect and to take it a little easier. I think I pushed myself too hard yesterday and that I should give my body some time to recover. Not feeling as tired as I did yesterday.

Day 31 - Core Cardio & Balance (Wednesday)

Ugh! We were all so tired today after an exceptionally busy and draining day at work. Also, the humidity in Taipei has gotten worse which ups the sweat levels.

Day 32 - Core Cardio & Balance (Thursday)

The humidity has been a pain in my a** today. It really makes a big difference in how much energy we have. Because we can't use the airconditioners, it's really hot and humid while we're working out, which makes it so much harder. I don't know what we are going to do now that it's only going to just get hotter and hotter in Taipei...

Day 33 - Core Cardio & Balance (Friday)

I was so lazy today, and didn't look forward to the workout at all. It might also be because we've been doing the same one the entire week. I need a little variation in my life. I'm actually looking forward to the new set of workouts that we start with on Monday.

Day 34 - Core Cardio & Balance (Saturday)

It makes such a big difference being able to do this workout with the airconditioner on. Of course, at my apartment I can blast it as cold as I want. I also ate a little breakfast before doing the workout this morning, which made me feel so much better! Glad to have finished the Recovery Week!

Okay people, from Monday we start Month 2 of INSANITY. I'm really nervous, and haven't watched any of the workouts, so I have no idea what to expect. It's going to be a tough month, with the temperature and humidity rising in Taipei. I'm thinking of doing my workouts at home every day, so that I can use the A/C, but I know I'll miss working out with my co-workers. Hmmm... I'll just have to see how bad it gets and how many of us pass out...

Have a fun weekend, everyone! 

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