Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 11 - Put your music player on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up

The last time I listened to music on my iPod was probably in July last year. For real! I only use it when I go to the gym, which also influences what type of music I have on there, and that is mostly pop tunes.  Because I was traveling during the summer, and didn't really work out during winter and have been doing INSANITY for the past 2 months, the poor thing was just lying in a drawer gathering dust.

Also, I don't listen to music on my iPhone, only podcasts and comedy shows. The only time I listen to music is at home on YouTube. 

Okay, so I recharged my iPod and these are the first 10 songs that came up after shuffling. (Please keep in mind that I haven't updated my workout music in a looooong time...)

1. Knockout by Lil Wayne ft Nicki Minaj
2. When love takes over by David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland
3. Angel by Akon ft David Guetta
4. Firework by Katy Perry
5. We found love by Rihanna
6. Just like heaven by The Cure
7. Raise your glass by Pink
8. Rock that body by Black Eyed Peas
9. I'm in Miami Trick by LMFAO
10. Clocks by Coldplay

Uhm... yes, I do need to update my workout playlist. Any suggestions?


  1. I always love things like this! I'd recommend "I Love It" by Icona Pop. It's a pretty addicting song (at least for me it is...)


    1. I'll give it a listen! Thanks for the suggestion :-)



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