Saturday, May 11, 2013

INSANITY: Day 50 to 55 (Week 8)

After last week's less than stellar performance on my part, I made a conscious decision this week to work extra hard and to eat better. I did give my all this week, and apart from the cookies I had last night and a little naughty snack here and there, I definitely made better choices than last week on the food front. But I've still been eating like a monster and I'm always hungry. This program has hiked up my already fast metabolism and I can't seem to ever feel full. My weight has remained the same, which is kind of a surprise to me when I think about all the food I stuff in my face...

Here are my updates from Week 8:

Day 50 - Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit (Monday)

We finished the Fit Test during our lunch break at work, as today is another 2-workout day and we wanted a little break between the two workouts. Today, my heart started beating very irregularly while doing the Fit Test; I might have overexerted myself. I did improve in the Fit Test, except for one exercise, because I had to slow down because of my heart rate. It took me a while to catch my breath afterwards and to get my heartbeat back to normal. Strangely, I felt amazing while doing the Max Interval Circuit today, my most hated workout, and I'm glad to say that my heart is beating normally again.

Day 51 - Max Interval Plyo (Tuesday)

It really makes such a huge difference when I have a little snack before my workouts. I've gotten in the habit of eating a banana about half an hour before we start, and it gives me the needed energy without making me feel too full and sluggish. I've had more energy this week and today's workout went really well.

Day 52 - Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs (Wednesday)

I must admit, my heart sinks a little when I see that we have two workouts in one day. I decided to do Insane Abs after work, and then I did Max Cardio Conditioning at home. I don't know how people do two of these workouts in a row. I don't think it's possible to give 100% for 1.5 hours. That hour break I take between the two workouts make such a big difference for me, and just gives me that needed boost for the second set.

Day 53 - Max Recovery (Thursday)

Oh Humidity, how I hate thee. Sweating even before starting the workout is so discouraging. Luckily today we only had to endure 45 minutes of Max Recovery, which is a little less vigorous than the other workouts. I did hurt my lower back a little bit, but after some stretching it seems to be fine now. Also, my elbows are raw from doing the high plank/low plank exercise. I had to stop otherwise they would have started bleeding. These workouts really are freakin' crazy!

Day 54 - Max Interval Circuit (Friday)

No way was I going to do this workout in Taipei's humidity today. I decided to do my workout at home, in the comfort of my air conditioner on full blast. What a great decision! As I could also just hop in a cold shower immediately after, which felt wonderful. 

Day 55 - Max Interval Sports Training (Saturday)

I really looked forward to this workout today. I love working out on a Saturday morning, just after having my morning coffee, and to start the day off on a good foot. And this workout is so much fun. Feeling fantastic right now, and ready for a fun weekend.

We are officially down to 1 week, people! I have mixed feelings about this though. I'm happy that we'll be completing the program soon and that I've been able to accomplish this. But I'm also nervous about what exercise I should do after finishing INSANITY. I don't want to lose my fitness. I've decided not to do INSANITY: The Asylum (the follow-up program to INSANITY), as I won't be able to exercise at work anymore because of the unbearable humidity, and I just don't have enough space for it at home.

I guess I can do some of the Month 2 INSANITY workouts a few times a week, and I really want to hit the gym again, which I usually really enjoy. I just need a little more variety at this point. I'm so motivated for the last week of INSANITY, bring it on!

Happy Weekend, friends!

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