Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Things I Love...

I Love...

1. ... finding an item I've been drooling over online on sale. And it doesn't hurt that the website offers free international shipping. *Happy dance* Come to me, beautiful ballet flats!

2. ... reading a book that I JUST CAN'T put down.

3. ... those random "I love you!" texts from The Fiancé.

4. ... that, at any given time, at least one of my family members are online and available to chat on Skype, thanks to the fact that we're scattered across three different countries.

5. ... that today is Friday! And The Fiancé booked a lovely B&B for us at the beach this weekend.

What do you love today?


  1. These pics are just too cute.
    I love all the bright pretty colors...and going to a b%b sounds awesome!!

    I found you on 20sb @ welovecomments!!

    1. Thanks for visiting Pretty.Random.Things! Yeah, I'm very excited for the weekend :-) You have a good one, too!


  2. You are just one big ball of happiness! This post made me smile....



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