Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's on my Perfume Tray?


 How many bottles of perfume are too many bottles of perfume? The other day The Husband pointed out that my collection is getting a little bit out of hand (apart from this tray of current favorites, he sniffed out the rest of my not-so-secret stash from a not-so-secret cupboard..) So is there such a thing? For me, NEVER!


Currently, these perfumes from Jo Malone, Diptyque and Byredo have been on high rotation. It may sound silly, but each of these makes me feel a different way. Maybe it's because of the memory it evokes and how I felt at the time when I used it often, I'm not sure.


Before we went on our trip to Europe, I was thinking about which perfume to take with me. It may sound like an absurd thing to actually spend time thinking about, but I knew that I'd remember our trip every time I used that perfume again in the future; just like I think about my wedding and the days we spent in South Africa when I smell Diptyque's Do Son, or our trip to Paris when I smell Jo Malone's Osmanthus Blossom, or my mom when I smell Estee Lauder's Pleasures.


So, I went to my favorite beauty and fragrance store here in Taipei, 10/10 Apothecary, to sniff around their Diptyque and Byredo collections. I knew I'd find something perfect from these collections, as I already adore Florabellio and Do Son from Diptyque and Blanche from Byredo. And I did! The shop assistant suggested I try Gypsy Water and I fell in love with it! I used it every day while we were traveling, and I know that for years to come, this fragrance will evoke my Summer in Europe memories. 

Diptyque collection at 10/10 Apothecary in Taipei

So yes, I might have quite a few bottles of perfume, but they each represent a place, a person and even a certain feeling. 


Do you remember specific places or people when you get a whiff of a certain fragrance? Or is it just me?


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  3. Cool post, i'm obsessed with Byredo too!

  4. Really nice collection you have! Just ignore what your husband said. :) I think he doesn't say it seriously and he is loving with your perfume collection. I never used Byredo EDP perfumes, may be buy one next time.

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